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Twice the suction power of any other cordless vacuum in use.

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Twice the suction of any other cordless vacuum in use

With the Dyson digital motor V2 and Root Cyclone™ technology, DC44 provides powerful suction. From the moment you start cleaning until the moment you finish.


Digital motor technology

Dyson cordless vacuums are powered by the Dyson digital motor. This power-dense motor uses digital pulse technology and a neodymium magnet to spin at up to 110,000 times a minute. Its small size means that the machines it powers can also be small, light and powerful. And because it’s only 85 mm in diameter, it can be positioned directly above the grip – shifting the vacuum’s centre of gravity and making it easy to handle.

Root Cyclone™ technology

There are other cordless vacuums that are bagless. But with inefficient cyclones, dust can pass through onto the filter, clogging it and causing suction loss.

Dyson cordless vacuums use patented cyclone technology, just like our corded machines. Powerful centrifugal forces spin dust and dirt out of the air and into the bin, ensuring that high suction power is maintained.

Balanced for easy cleaning – from floor to ceiling

DC44 is easy to lift – its center of gravity is located towards the grip. It’s engineered for cleaning up top, down below and in-between.

Motorized cleaner head – for carpets and hard floors

DC44’s brush bar has nylon bristles that remove ground-in dirt from carpets – as well as a row of anti-static carbon fiber filaments. These filaments prevent the build up of static charge that holds fine dust to hard floors.

Conductive carbon fiber filaments

Conductive carbon fiber filaments

Many cordless vacuums don’t have brush bars, and those that do only contain nylon bristles. While these loosen dirt from carpets, they’re not as effective on hard floors where fine dust can be left behind.

The brush bars of Dyson cordless vacuums are different. They have a row of anti-static carbon fiber filaments, as well as nylon bristles. The filaments prevent the build-up of the static charge that holds the fine dust to the floor, allowing it to be sucked up into the vacuum.

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