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Model sits at a desk on her laptop using the Dyson Lightcycle desk light

Dyson lighting for business

Powerful, precise light at work.

Designed to support well-being and help reduce eye strain for employees and guests.

Discover Dyson lighting

Dyson lighting is engineered to support wellbeing and task performance, with custom-engineered optics and Heat pipe technology that protects light quality for up to 60 years.¹ Dyson lights come with a 5 year warranty and surpass office lighting standards. 

  • Dyson Lightcycle

    Dyson Lightcycle™ task light on a desk

    Automatically simulates properties of natural daylight. Designed to help reduce eye strain.

    • Heat pipe technology maintains LED brightness for 60 years¹
    • Helps improve visual performance
    • 3 Axis Glide™ motion puts light precisely where you need it
    • Bubble Optic lens displays color very close to daylight
    • Dimensions: H 27.7 in (703 mm) x W 27.6 in (702 mm) x D 7.5 in (190 mm)

  • Dyson Cu-Beam Duo

    Dyson lights hanging over office desks

    Powerful and precise. Fully flexible up and down-light.

    • Heat pipe technology cools the LED to maintain brightness
    • Two custom lenses focus 9400 lumens. From just two LEDs.
    • Custom-built driver controls direction, dimming and ratio of light
    • Available in two color temperatures (4000K and 3000K)
    • Dimensions vary based on model

Fluorescent lighting is flawed. LEDs can underperform.

Fluorescent lighting can be inefficient, waste light and use costly-to-replace bulbs. While LEDs can suffer from overheating, affecting their longevity and brightness.

Dyson Lightcycle technology cut away

Light quality that lasts decades

Without proper cooling, LEDs can quickly overheat, causing fading and discoloring. The Dyson Lightcycle™ task light uses Heat pipe technology to efficiently cool the LEDs, protecting the light quality for 60 years.¹ This allows it to reliably adjust its color and brightness.

Case study

Why choose Dyson for business

  • 1 Calculated lifetime based on LED L70.