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Frequently asked questions - Lighting

Why is lighting important?

Lighting is important for several reasons.

It allows us to see and perform tasks in our environment, such as reading or cooking.

Lighting can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space, highlighting certain features and creating a desired atmosphere.

How lighting affects paint color?

Lighting can have a significant impact on how paint colors appear in a room.

Different types of lighting, such as natural light or warm, cool, or neutral artificial light, can make colors appear warmer or cooler, brighter or darker, or change the undertones of a color.

The amount and direction of lighting in a room can also affect how colors are perceived, with light from different angles creating highlights and shadows that affect the appearance of a color.

Does lighting affect productivity?

Yes, lighting can have a significant effect on productivity.

A well-lit space allows for better resolution of objects on a workspace.