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Outlet Refurbished FAQs

What is a refurbished Dyson machine?

Refurbished machines have either been previously sold by Dyson and returned, or incurred minor cosmetic damage during handling.

How are Dyson machines refurbished?

Every machine is rigorously tested by Dyson engineers, with genuine Dyson parts used where replacements are needed. The machines are thoroughly cleaned before being made available for sale.

How are refurbished machines packaged?

Refurbished Dyson machines are packed with all cables and accessories. Please note, it’s not always possible to pack them in their original packaging.

Can I return my refurbished machine?

Unfortunately, refurbished machines and machines identified as final sale cannot be returned and are final sale.

Do refurbished machines come with a warranty?

Yes, all refurbished machines are covered by the Dyson warranty – either for 6 months or one year. Please check the machine page for more information on the length of guarantee.

Should i buy a refurbished vacuum?

Whether you should buy a refurbished vacuum depends on your specific situation and needs.

Refurbished vacuums can be a good option for those who want to save money and still get a quality machine.

Here are some things to consider before buying a refurbished vacuum:

  1. Warranty: Check to see if the refurbished vacuum comes with a warranty. Some refurbished vacuums come with a warranty, which can provide some peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.
  2. Quality: Refurbished vacuums may have been used before and then restored to working condition. Make sure to check the quality of the refurbished vacuum before purchasing it. Check for signs of wear and tear and ensure that all the parts are working properly.
  3. Price: Refurbished vacuums are typically less expensive than new vacuums. Compare the price of the refurbished vacuum to the price of a new vacuum to determine if the savings are worth it.
  4. Seller: Make sure to purchase a refurbished vacuum from a reputable seller. Check reviews and ratings of the seller to ensure they have a good track record of selling refurbished vacuums.
What is a refurbished vacuum?

A refurbished vacuum is a vacuum cleaner that has been previously used, returned, or pre-emptively repaired by the manufacturer due to a known defect.

Refurbished vacuums are often sold at a lower price than new vacuums and can be a good option for those who want to save money.

When a vacuum is refurbished, it goes through a process of cleaning and repairing any parts that may have been damaged or broken. This process can include replacing filters, belts, or brushes, repairing or replacing any broken parts, and thoroughly cleaning the vacuum to remove any dust or debris.

Once the vacuum has been refurbished, it should be in good working condition and should function similarly to a new vacuum. However, it's important to note that refurbished vacuums may have some signs of wear and tear, and may not have all the latest features that a new vacuum may have.

It's important to purchase a refurbished vacuum from the manufacturer or a reputable seller to ensure that the vacuum has been properly refurbished and is in good working condition. Some refurbished vacuums may also come with a warranty to provide additional peace of mind.