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Dyson gen5 logo
Dyson Gen5 motor
Dyson Gen5detect, highlighting the Digital Motor and the illuminated cleaner head.

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The most powerful HEPA cordless vacuums.ˣ

Traps viruses with HEPA filtration¹

Illumination reveals invisible dust

Exclusively in Prussian blue and rich copper. Only at Dyson.

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute

Overall rating

78% of reviewers would recommend to a friend.

The Rolls Royce of Vacuum Cleaners!


We have been hooked on Dyson products since our first Dyson V8 years ago. Since then, we have appreciated the engineering and technology behind Dyson products. There is a reason why Dyson is considered the Gold Standard which all other competitors aim to achieve. Regarding vacuum cleaners, we have transitioned from the V8 to the V11 Torque Drive, and most recently, we have been using the Dyson V12. With each upgrade, we noticed changes made to the products based on customers’ critiques and how Dyson used these suggestions to improve their products. Going from the V11 to V12, we were blown away by how lightweight the vacuum had become; unfortunately, this resulted in a smaller dust bin and decreased battery life. Despite the smaller size, we loved the newly introduced on/off button instead of the trigger, the green laser lighting which helped pick up dirt, particularly on dark surfaces, and to our surprise, the V12 was still as effective at picking up dirt as our V11. The new Gen5 blows the prior vacuums out of the water. It combines the best features from all prior iterations into one powerhouse of a vacuum. We placed our V12 side-by-side with our Gen5 and were surprised that they were almost identical in length. The Gen5 features the on/off switch introduced on the V12, yet placed in an easier-to-access location, immediately above the display. The Gen5 also features laser lighting and accessories for all of your cleaning needs, in particular, tangle-free brush heads for both pet and human hair, just as the V12 did! Now, where this vacuum begins to really stand out is the large dust bin capable of picking up dirt from an entire household without the need to constantly empty. The Gen5 detects different surfaces and auto-adjusts power to transition between carpet, hardwood floors, rugs, etc. Gen5 also brings a newer display that presents the number of particles it captures during vacuuming and turns green when your floor is clean so you can ensure you are getting that deep clean, even at the microscopic level. The Gen5 also features an integrated Additionally, with Gen5 we see the HEPA filter, which is removable and washable! HEPA filtration has been the gold standard in households, hospitals, and, unsurprisingly, Dyson fans! This is particularly useful for those of us with seasonal allergies/hay fever, asthma, or just sensitivities to dust in general. TL;DR? Pros: - HEPA filtration; removable & washable - Integrated crevice and dusting tool (no more trying to remember where you placed that dusting tool!) - LARGE dust bin - Longer battery life than all prior models - Tangle-Free brush head and accessories - On/Off switch; no need to hold down a trigger - A newly designed mounting plate for storage (this was not mentioned previously, but it made the wall mount setup an absolute breeze)! - LASER lighting for dirt detection, particularly against darker backgrounds (i.e. dark hardwood floors) - New display showing the number of particles picked up by the vacuum in real-time and it turns GREEN when your floor is clean. - Dyson customer service & Engineering(In my experience, they have always gone above and beyond what is expected of them AND strongly back their own products) Cons: - In my honest opinion, NONE. The most common critique I have heard of Dyson products is that they are “too expensive”. However, after owning several other brands, I can tell you with confidence that NONE holds up as well as Dyson. Every single product we have upgraded has gone to another home in FULL working condition. Still not convinced? Visit a Dyson store or pick one up and try it. I can almost guarantee you will love the product.

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Dyson's most advanced cordless vacuums

Explore the technology behind our Gen5 cordless vacuums

Dyson's most advanced cordless vacuums

Explore the technology behind our Gen5 cordless vacuums

Reveals invisible dust

Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head illuminates the dust and dirt you can't normally see on hard floors.

Adapts suction

A Piezo sensor counts and sizes particles – automatically increasing power where it detects more dust.⁺⁺

Our most powerful suction.ˣ

Our fastest motor spins at 135,000rpm, generating Dyson's most powerful suction.ˣ

Traps viruses¹

Whole-machine HEPA filtration traps 99.99% of particles down to 0.1 microns.‡

Shows when your floor is clean⁺⁺

The LCD screen displays the number of particles being removed in real time, showing you where cleaning is needed.⁺⁺

Our longest run time*

Up to 70 minutes of fade-free run time.*

 Dyson Gen5detect vacuum cordless motor.
 Dyson Gen5detect vacuum cordless motor.

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Our most powerful motor

Our fastest, most power-dense motor yet. Spins at 135,000rpm generating Dyson's most powerful suction.ˣ

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Dyson's fully-sealed filtration system, and magnified images of pollen, hair, dust mite and virus particles.
Dyson's fully-sealed filtration system, and magnified images of pollen, hair, dust mite and virus particles.

HEPA filtration traps unwanted particles, even viruses²

Dyson’s fully-sealed filtration system traps microscopic particles as small as pet dander, pollen and allergens. Post-motor HEPA filtration traps particles as small as 0.1 microns (μm),‡ including viruses.¹

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The wand detaching to reveal the Built-in dusting and crevice tool.

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Click and go, for on-the-spot cleans

Waste no time switching to handheld. The wand detaches in a click, revealing a built-in dusting and crevice tool – always ready for on-the-spot cleans in hard-to-reach spaces.

Dyson battery pack.

Frequently asked questions

How much do the Dyson Gen5detect™ and the Dyson Gen5outsize™ cordless vacuums weigh?​ ​

​​The Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum weighs 7.6lbs. While the Dyson Gen5outsize™ vacuum weighs 8.6lbs Both cordless vacuums are engineered for heavy duty performance.

Are the Dyson Gen5 vacuums as powerful as a corded vacuum?

The Dyson Gen5detect™ and Dyson Gen5outsize™ are the most powerful HEPA cordless vacuums. Both vacuums have the power of a corded vacuum.ˣ

Is the Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum good for cleaning pet hair?

Included with the Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum is the Digital Motorbar™ cleaner head and the Hair screw tool. Both attachments are engineered to remove pet hair fast.

Is the Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum good for hardwood floors?

Included with the Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum is the Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head, engineered to reveal invisible dust on hard floors. While anti-static carbon fiber filaments capture fine dust from hard floors.

Can the battery on the Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum be replaced?

The battery detaches in a click, without the need for screws. So it's easy to uninstall and replace.

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