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Dyson Gen5outsize vacuum.
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Dyson Gen5outsize vacuum.

Dyson Gen5outsize vacuum

The most powerful HEPA cordless vacuum, for bigger cleans.ˣ

Reveals invisible dust

Screen shows you when your floor is clean

For a cleaner, healthier home


Dyson Gen5outsize

Overall rating

92% of reviewers would recommend to a friend.

Ditch the cord, for good!!


The Dyson Gen5 Detect Outsize is a game changer!! I previously came from the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister and although I had no complaints, I could not be more impressed with this cordless vac’s capability and ease of maneuverability. It has 3 levels of power output depending on your cleaning needs: Eco, Auto and Boost. It also has an LCD display that summarizes each clean in 4 categories: Microscopic (Allergens), Fine (Skin Flakes), Medium (Dust Mites) and Coarse (Sugar) and counts down the amount of time you have left to clean on a single charge. It includes a HEPA filter that is hand washable, that filters the air 99.99% as you clean, as well as 2 batteries with their own separate chargers. The machine itself is mighty powerful, offering great suction, all while operating at a low noise level. It has a large dust bin, that I was able to clean my whole home with a combination of different floor types, on a single battery, still managing to have room in it’s dust bin and charge left over! The Fluffy Optic cleaner head has a built in laser that illuminates the dirt on your hard surface floors as you clean. I was shocked at how clean I thought my floors actually were, prior to using this attachment! For this attachment I found the best mode to use is Auto, as it automatically adjusts the power level to clean the surface, depending on the amount of soil in a given area. The Digital Motorbar XL cleaner head is a beast! I love how wide of a surface area you can cover on a single pass, resulting in quicker cleans. It allows you to adjust the amount of AMP’s desired for your Carpet type. For this attachment, I found the best mode to use is Eco in the middle of both the + and - setting on the motorbar. I have a combination of low pile (area rugs) as well as high pile carpet in bedrooms and felt Auto mode was too strong for use on carpet. Dyson also includes a Hair screw tool that is a mini motorhead attachment, perfect for the use of cleaning pet hair off couches and carpeted stairs, as well as a built in dusting and crevice tool, that is revealed upon removing the machines wand. All in all, I was first skeptic of being fully cordless for whole home cleans, that my only regret, is not making the switch sooner! The possibilities of being cordless are limitless, that I actually look forward to cleaning my home. The quality and suction you expect from Dyson.

Dyson Gen5outsize shifting from a hard floor to a carpet.

Dyson’s most advanced cordless vacuum technology

Advanced suction powerˣ, advanced HEPA filtration‡, and our longest runtime yet**, with dust detection and scientific proof on screen.⁺⁺


  • Weight

    8.6 lb

  • Cleaner head

    Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head and Digital Motorbar™ XL cleaner head

  • Charge time

    4.5 hrs

  • Cyclone technology


  • Filtration

    Whole-machine HEPA filtration

  • Bin volume

    0.5 gallon

  • Suction power

    250 AW

  • Maximum run time

    140 min

  • Run time (Suction mode 1)

    140 min

  • Suction Power (Boost Mode)

    250 AW

  • Run time**

    Up to 140 minutes min

Dyson Gen5outsize HEPA cordless vacuum
  • Height

    50 in

  • Length

    11.4 in

  • Width

    12.6 in

Frequently asked questions

How much does the Dyson Gen5outsize™ cordless vacuum weigh?

The Dyson Gen5outsize™ vacuum weighs 8.6lbs. Engineered for heavy duty performance.

Is the Dyson Gen5outsize vacuum as powerful as a corded vacuum?

The Dyson Gen5outsize™ vacuum is the most powerful cordless vacuum. With up to 262 Air Watts of suction, it has the power of a Dyson corded vacuum.¹

Is the Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum good for cleaning pet hair?

Included with the Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum is the Digital Motorbar™ cleaner head and the Hair screw tool. Both attachments are engineered to remove pet hair fast.

Is the Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum good for hardwood floors?

Included with the Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum is the Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head, engineered to reveal invisible dust on hard floors. While anti-static carbon fiber filaments capture fine dust from hard floors.

Can the battery on the Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum be replaced?

The battery detaches in a click, without the need for screws. So it's easy to uninstall and replace.