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20 of the best young inventions selected by Dyson engineers, as the James Dyson Award announces global finalists


·       The 20 best entries from this year’s global James Dyson Award have been selected by a panel of Dyson engineers.

·       15 Dyson engineers from across the world came together to decide the finalists.

·       From Ireland to Singapore, inventions range from an interactive multiplication table for children to a solution for eczema itch.

·       Today, the James Dyson Award publishes a video where the judges share more about the 20 best inventions.

·       Sir James Dyson will now select his global winners from this Shortlist, to be announced on the 16th of November.

The Top 20 Shortlist

In September, the Award announced its national winners and runners-up, across 29 countries and regions. From at-home intravenous therapies to stroke rehabilitation devices – the James Dyson Award uncovers the brightest minds of the next generation.


Now, 15 Dyson engineers, scientists and designers from around the world have reviewed the 87 James Dyson Award National finalists to select this year’s global Top 20 Shortlist of inventions.

James Dyson Award Top 20 Shortlist video.

Invention never stops

Students and young engineers around the world continue to prove that invention never stops; they have the capability to solve the world’s most difficult problems. The James Dyson Award Top 20 Shortlist inventions are designed to solve global issues head-on with unique solutions. Whether that is a floating barrier to guide plastic waste in rivers or a breast health monitoring device, these ideas have global resonance and potential.


“Reading through all the entries and seeing the amazing amount of hard work and effort was a real privilege. Debating with my colleagues on who should make the Top 20 Shortlist was an enjoyable process – the diversity across the panel led to some insightful conversations.” Lucy Harden, Design Manager at Dyson


At Dyson, we believe great ideas come from diversity of thought and experience. Our judges represent the wide range of knowledge and expertise within Dyson’s global Research, Design and Development teams. They specialise across a broad range of engineering fields including Sustainability, Medicine, Software, Technical Design and Agriculture. They were joined by high-performing Undergraduate engineers from the Dyson Institute of Engineering Technology to share their insight, challenging conventional design processes.


“It’s always fascinating to see the range of challenges from around the world, particularly ones that highlight problems that I wasn’t previously aware of. It is great when entrants from different places hone in on similar problems but take very different approaches to solving them. The diversity of thought every year keeps the James Dyson Award exciting.” Kay Yeong, Principal Engineer at Dyson


The panel analysed, debated and reviewed all the national finalists, coming together virtually to collaborate and whittle down the entries to the Top 20 Shortlist. 

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Meet the James Dyson Award Top 20 Shortlist Judges

  • What makes an entry Top 20 Shortlist worthy?

  • Sam Dill, Sustainability Engineer at Dyson, says: “A Top 20 Shortlist idea needs to show that it's solving an actual problem. There must be evidence of real-world research and analytical thinking, with iterative prototyping and testing to refine and show that a concept stands up to scrutiny and has the potential to make a difference on a large scale.” 

Stay tuned for November 16, 2022 when Sir James Dyson will announce the global winners of the James Dyson Award.

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