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 Dyson csys task light (Black/Black)
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Dyson CSYS™ task light (Black/Black)

Powerful light precisely where you need it. With light quality that lasts 60 years¹.

Available in two color options.

"Light matters to our well-being and task performance. So we developed a way to protect light quality for the long term."

Jake Dyson, Chief Lighting Engineer 

Key Features

  • Light quality that lasts decades

    Heat Pipe technology keeps six high-power LEDs cool enough to protect light quality for 60 years.¹

  • Designed to help reduce eye strain

    Powerful light (over 1000 lux), with glare protection and low optical flicker.²

  • High quality light

    Custom-engineered Bubble Optic lens delivers high uniformity (0.8), high CRI (over 90Ra) and excellent shadow quality.

  • Precision positioning

    3 Axis Glide™ motion puts powerful light precisely where you need it: vertically, horizontally and through 360°.

  • Touch-sensitive dimming

    Slide-touch dimmer enables precise and personal brightness adjustment from 100-1000 lux, to suit your task or mood.


  • Light source


  • CRI

    90 MIN

  • LED life time

    181,000 hrs

  • Light output ratio

    92.1 Percent

  • Input voltage

    100-240 Voltage

  • R9

    59 MIN

  • Frequency

    50/60 hz

  • Flicker

    ≤1%⁶ Percent

  • Weight

    9.02 lb

  • Rated power

    10 W

  • Light output

    916 lm

  • Luminous efficacy

    92 l/W

  • Electrical class

    Class 2

  • Standby power consumption

    <0.5 W

  • Beam angle

    65.5 degrees

  • Average Lux level

    1,209 lx

  • Cord length

    10.5 ft

CSYS Black front view
  • Height

    27.7 in

  • Length

    7.5 in

  • Width

    27.6 in

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Dyson CSYS™ task light Black/Black

Light quality that lasts decades¹

Precision positioning

Touch-sensitive dimming

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    Dyson CSYS™ task light White/Silver

    Light quality that lasts decades¹

    Precision positioning

    Touch-sensitive dimming


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      ¹ LED-life calculation is based on L70 measurement according to IEC 62717, with an estimation of 8 hours' usage per day. Real-life results may vary.

      ² Tested according to IEEE 1789 - 2015 - Recommended Practices for Modulating Current in High-Brightness LEDs for Mitigating Health Risks to Viewers