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Dyson Solarcycle Morph™ desk (White/Silver)

Overall rating

82% of reviewers would recommend to a friend.



I've been using this light pretty much nonstop for almost a week. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! The auto adjusting light is perfection! I've used it all times of the day and night and the adjusting light features are great! I've been using it for leisure and work as I am working from home now. It meets all of my lighting needs! Also, I like the motion sensor and auto off...great for when I'm running after my toddler and forget to turn it off and don't have to worry about turning it on when I come back in the room. The integrated USB-C charger is great for my phone (one less outlet to worry about) AND to top it off the app adjusts to your lifestyle. LOVE IT!

Frequently asked questions

Can the light help with blue light exposure?

Yes. By tracking local daylight, the light automatically reduces blue light in the mornings and evenings. In Relax mode or Ambient position, the light instantly reduces blue light at any time of day.²

Do I ever need to change a bulb on this light?

No. Our LEDs will maintain light quality for at least 60 years¹ and are not designed to be replaced.

Can I connect the light to my smart home hub?

No, the light is not WiFi enabled, so it cannot be operated over home internet networks required for smart-home technology. (Other Dyson connected products have different compatibility)

How does the app connect?

The Dyson Link app connects with your Dyson Solarcycle Morph™ light via Bluetooth – it’s quick and simple and all you need is the serial number on the bottom of the light. All the instructions are in the app, including troubleshooting advice. If you’re still struggling, it will direct you to support services by a Dyson expert.

Does the Dyson Solarcycle Morph™ light track the actual light outside? What if it’s cloudy?

No, the Dyson daylight algorithm calculates the color temperature and brightness of daylight on a clear day – based on your time, date and GPS location. It is not measuring the real-time light outside.