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Dyson air purifiers, humidifiers, heaters and fans

How do air purifiers work?

The Covid-19 pandemic has raised our awareness of indoor air quality and with it the benefits of an air purifier. We can do little to control what we breathe outside but with an air purifier we can help protect our health and wellbeing indoors.

Graphic of Dyson filtration system

Why Dyson air purifiers?

When used in Auto mode, Dyson air purifiers automatically detect pollutants in your room and remove them from the air. This helps to reduce energy consumption, activating only when necessary.

The air we breathe is crucial to our health and wellbeing. Understanding our air quality has huge potential to influence how we construct our future cities, transport systems and homes. It’s a complex matter. But Dyson engineers, microbiologists and research scientists have dedicated nearly three decades to understanding air science. And over 350 engineers globally are immersed in constantly-evolving research to inform our technology and help us breathe cleaner air inside our homes.

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