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Dyson Cu-Beam Duo logo
Dyson Cu-beam Duo light.

Cu-Beam Duo suspended light

Powerful and precise. Fully flexible up and down-light.

Other colors available, contact us for more details.

• Heat pipe technology cools the LED to sustain brightness

• Two custom lenses focus 9400 lumens (at 4000K)

• Custom-built driver controls direction, dimming and ratio of light

• Available in two color temperatures (4000K and 3000K)


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Key features

Dyson Cu-beam Duo light.

Maximum efficiency. Minimum waste.

Ricochet™ technology uses one-touch shutters and a reflective surface, to convert unused down-light into usable, useful up-light. Combined with the efficiency of Heat pipe technology, no light – or power – goes to waste.

Demonstration of Cu-Beam Duo light providing solely up light
Demonstration of Cu-Beam Duo light providing solely up light

Fully flexible light. Up and down.

A custom-built driver controls the direction, dimming and ratio of powerful up and down-light. From a wide pool for presentations, to a focused pyramid on work surfaces, Cu-Beam Duo light covers any task, at any time.

Key technology

Heat pipe technology maintains LED brightness

Cools the LED to sustain brightness for up to 180,000 hours.¹

Two custom lenses focus 9400 lumens. From just 2 LEDs.

The custom-engineered lenses optimize the output of two high-power LEDs.

High efficacy

Heat pipe technology effectively cools the Cu-Beam Duo light, so it can run at 107lm/w (3000K) / 113lm/w (4000K).

Additional features

Fluorescent lighting is flawed, LEDs can be misused

Commercial lighting largely relies on inefficient, costly fluorescent bulbs or the ineffective use of multiple LEDs. Cu-Beam Duo ensures no light is wasted, providing effective up and down light.

Powerful up and down-lighting

Combined, the two high-power LEDs can project 9400 lumens at 4000K. Heat pipe technology cools the LEDs to optimize longevity, without loss of brightness.

Controlled pyramid of down-light

When mounted at 4.3 ft (1.3 m) above the task area, the down-light projects up to 722 lx at 4000K evenly over an area of 10.5 ft x 5.3 ft (3.2 m x 1.6 m).²

Glare and flicker control

One-touch shutters hide glare from users. Line of sight and reduce glare to below 1%.

Light, precisely where you need it

Two custom-engineered lenses and adjustable one-touch shutters precisely focus the two high-power LEDs.

Wide distribution of up-light

Suspended at 15.8in (400mm) from the ceiling, the up-light illuminates evenly over an area of 13ft (4m).²


Color temperature

3000k / 4000k

Light source

Chip on board LEDs

Rated power



80 minimum

Light output

8875 / 9400 lm

Luminous efficacy

107 / 113 lm/w

LED life time

180,000 hrs¹

Light output ratio


Standby power consumption


Input voltage





7 lbs (3.24 kg)


3.8 in (97 mm)


28.5 in (725 mm)


8.1 in (206 mm)

Cu-Beam Duo side view

Useful documents

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to clean the Cu-Beam Duo?

Use a microfiber cloth, or solvent- and moisture-free compressed air canister, to clean the appliance. Always ensure the appliance is turned off before any cleaning. 

Can I use the Cu-Beam Duo outside?

The appliance is designed for dry, indoor locations only. 

Operating environment range 0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F) and 10-95% RH non-condensing.

Is this type of lighting compatible with a wide variety of dimmer switches?

This appliance is compatible with DALI and analogue dimmer products.

Dyson Cu-Beam Duo logo
Dyson Cu-beam Duo light.

Cu-Beam Duo suspended light


Choose your model

Dyson Cu-Beam Duo light

Dyson Cu-Beam Duo suspended light

Powerful and precise. Fully flexible up and down-light.

• Dimensions: H 3.8 in (97 mm) x W 28.5 in (725 mm) x D 8.1 in (206 mm)


Dyson Cu-Beam Down light

Dyson Cu-Beam Down suspended light

Powerful, focused light. From one LED. In a single fixture.

• Dimensions: H 3.5 in (89 mm) x W 28.3 in (720 mm) x D 5.1 in (130 mm)


Dyson Cu-Beam Up light

Dyson Cu-Beam Up suspended light

An ultra-wide distribution of powerful up-light.

• Dimensions: H 2.3 in (60 mm) x W 28.3 in (720 mm) x D 5.1 in (130 mm)


2 people at work using Dyson Lightcycle desk lights

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Specifications & documents

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Specifications & documents

  • 1 Calculated lifetime based on LED L70.
  • 2 Based on 50/50 split of up and down light.