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Dyson Cu-Beam Down logo
Dyson Cu-beam down light

Cu-Beam Down suspended light

Powerful, focused light. From one LED. In a single fixture.

Other colors available, contact us for more details.

• Heat pipe technology maintains LED brightness

• A custom lens focuses 5350 lumens. From one LED.

• Custom-built driver controls the light's functions


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Key features

Illustrating light path of Dyson Cu-Beam down over desks

Fully-adjustable down-light, precisely where you need it.

Focuses a single light source to create a targeted pyramid of dimmable down-light.

Fluorescent lighting is flawed. LEDs can underperform.

Commercial lighting largely relies on inefficent, costly fluorescent bulbs or the ineffective use of multiple LEDs. The Cu-Beam Down light provides focused light.

Flourescent lighting in commercial setting

Key technology

Heat pipe technology maintains LED brightness

Cools the LED to sustain brightness for up to 180,000 hours.¹

A custom lens focuses 5350 lumens. From one LED.

The custom-engineered lens maximizes the single high-power LED, for powerful illumination, whatever the task.

High efficacy

A custom-engineered lens combined with effective cooling means that each fixture runs at 94lm/W (at 4000K).

Additional features

No glare

By putting the light precisely where it needs to be, Cu-Beam Down lights prevent wasted light in all directions, and reduce eye strain.

No flicker

Custom-built drivers control the lights' functions. They manage power, voltage fluctuations and the ratio of down light.

More light

High-power single LED and a custom-engineered lens provide powerful light than can illuminate a wide area.

Powerful down-lighting

A single LED projects 5350 fixture lumens (at 4000K). Heat pipe technology keeps the LED cool to sustain its brightness for up to 180,000 hours.¹

Compact and lightweight

Cu-Beam Down light measures 28.3 in (720 mm) across, weighing just 2.9kg, or 6.4lbs. The unit 'floats' in space for minimal spatial intrusion.

Surpasses office lighting standards

Distributes up to 674lx (at 4000K) evenly over an area of 10.5ft x 5.3ft (3.2m x 1.6m) when mounted at 4.3ft (1.3m) above the task area.


Color temperature

3000k / 4000k

Light source

Chip on board LED

Rated power



80 minimum

Light output

5120 / 5350 lm

Luminous efficacy

90 / 94 lm/w

LED life time

180,000 hrs¹

Beam angle

111° x 78°

Standby power consumption


Input voltage





6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)


3.5 in (89 mm)


28.3 in (720 mm)


5.1 in (130 mm)

Cu-Beam Down side view

Useful documents

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to clean Cu-Beam Down?

Use a microfiber cloth, or solvent- and moisture-free compressed air canister, to clean the appliance. Always ensure the appliance is turned off before any cleaning. 

Can I use the Cu-Beam Down outside?

The appliance is designed for dry, indoor locations only. 

Operating environment range 0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F) and 10-95% RH non-condensing.

Which dimmer products is Cu-Beam Down compatible with?

This appliance is only compatible with DALI-compliant dimmer products.

Dyson Cu-Beam Down logo
Dyson Cu-beam down light

Cu-Beam Down suspended light


Choose your model

Dyson Cu-Beam Down light

Dyson Cu-Beam Down suspended light

Powerful, focused light. From one LED. In a single fixture.

• Dimensions: H 3.5 in (89 mm) x W 28.3 in (720 mm) x D 5.1 in (130 mm)


Dyson Cu-Beam Duo light

Dyson Cu-Beam Duo suspended light

Powerful and precise. The only fully flexible up and down-light.

• Dimensions: H 3.8 in (97 mm) x W 28.5 in (725 mm) x D 8.1 in (206 mm)


Dyson Cu-Beam Up light

Dyson Cu-Beam Up suspended light

An ultra-wide distribution of powerful up-light.

• Dimensions: H 2.3 in (60 mm) x W 28.3 in (720 mm) x D 5.1 in (130 mm)


2 people at work using Dyson Lightcycle desk lights

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  • 1 Calculated lifetime based on LED L70.