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Frequently asked questions

How do I enable the Dyson Care Alexa Skill?

To enable the Dyson Care Alexa Skill, simply say: "Alexa, open Dyson Care." This command activates the skill, allowing you to navigate through its features via voice prompts.

How is the skill different on an Alexa device with a screen versus without a screen?

Alexa devices with a screen will show key steps in the quick start or troubleshooting support journey with images and video. If your device does not have a screen, the skill will give you the option to have these videos sent to your mobile device to view at key points along the journey.

Is it possible to receive reminders to clean and maintain my machine from the skill?

Absolutely. The Dyson Care Alexa Skill can set up monthly reminders for cleaning and maintaining your machine, ensuring it remains in top condition.

How can I use the skill to check my warranty or order spare parts? 

Users who registered their machine with Dyson can request a link via the skill to check their machine’s warranty status and order spare parts directly from their smartphone.

In which countries is the Dyson Care Alexa Skill available? 

Currently, the Dyson Care Alexa Skill is available in Germany and the USA, offering localized support and assistance to Dyson owners in these regions.

What should I do if my model isn't listed among the supported ones?

If your model isn't listed, it's recommended to visit support or the MyDyson app for other resources.

Is there a fee to use the Dyson Care Alexa Skill?

No, the Dyson Care Alexa Skill is offered free of charge to Dyson owners. Standard Amazon Alexa service charges may apply, but there's no additional cost for accessing the skill's features.