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Dyson vacuum filter held below running stream of water

Maintain your vacuum filter. Extend its life.

Dyson cordless vacuum filters are engineered to capture microscopic particles. Over time, these can build up in the filter and reduce performance. By washing it at least once a month, you can help maintain suction power.

Fully-sealed advanced filtration

Fully-sealed advanced filtration

Five-layer filtration

All our cordless vacuums use at least five layers of advanced, whole-machine filtration to trap 99.99% of dust and bacteria as small as 0.3 microns. Expelling cleaner air than the air you breathe.‡

Every machine is tested to ensure it’s fully sealed, so it traps dust and dirt inside and expels cleaner air into your home.

Metal mesh filter

Advanced chemical etching ensures the mesh sieves particles from the airflow.


Powerful cyclones

Dyson’s patented cyclones generate centrifugal forces up to 79,000g trapping fine dust and dirt in the bin, so your vacuum never loses suction.

Pre-motor filtration

Electrostatically charged filter attracts smaller particles that would otherwise pass through.


Bin cyclone

Initial cyclonic separation removes the larger particles.


X-ray image inside a Dyson cordless vacuum filter

Easy step-by-step guide on how to clean your vacuum filter

We engineer vacuums that are simple to use and easy to look after. We suggest you clean your filter at least once a month to keep your machine running at maximum efficiency.

  • 1. Remove your Dyson filter(s)

    Remove your filter(s) from your Dyson machine.


  • 2. Remove excess dust

    Tap your filter(s) lightly on the side of the sink or in the bin, to remove any loose dust and debris.

  • 3. Rinse filter(s)

    Wash your filter with cold tap water – gently rubbing it with your hands.

    Don't use detergents.

  • 4. Give it a firm shake

    Fill your filter(s) with warm tap water. Cover the open ends with your hands and shake firmly to remove the dirt. Repeat until the water runs clear and then firmly shake the filter to remove all excess water.

  • 5. Leave to dry for 24+ hours

    After washing your filter(s), leave to dry for at least 24 hours in an area with plenty of airflow, such as beside a fan or open window. Your filter(s) must be completely dry before you put it back into the machine, or it could damage the motor. Be sure to physically check for moisture with a touch test before reinstalling the filter

    Don't dry in a tumble dryer, microwave or near a naked flame.

Watch the video for filter cleaning tips

Select your machine from the list below to see how to clean your specific vacuum filter.

Video showing how to wash and dry Dyson V11 vacuum filter

Video showing  how to wash and dry Dyson V10 vacuum filter

Video showing how to wash and dry Dyson V8 vacuum filter

Video showing how to wash and dry Dyson V7 vacuum filter

Video showing how to wash and dry Dyson V6 vacuum filter
  • Skeleton diagram of Dyson cordless vacuum and filter


    If you have a problem with your machine and want to see if it relates to the filter, our step-by-step troubleshooting guide can help you get things working again.

  • Dyson cordless vacuum filter

    Buy an additional genuine filter

    If you have an additional Dyson filter, you can continue to use your machine while the other is drying. Dyson goes to great lengths to use the best technology. We perform significant safety checks and quality controls as part of the process. Only by using a genuine Dyson filter are you ensuring that your machine continues to work as intended, and that your warranty remains intact.

‡In boost mode. All other modes achieve at least 99.97% filtration.