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Support for your Dyson Solarcycle Morph™ light

Dyson Solarcycle Morph™ desk (Black/Black)

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You can get support that's tailored to you, owner exclusives and more when you register your light.

Getting started

It's easy to get started with your light. You can watch our video for a step-by-step guide. 

Image from video about getting started

Video Transcript

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You can do more with the Dyson Link app

The Dyson Link app unlocks a highly intuitive and personalized lighting experience – allowing you to access app-only features that tailor light to your age, task, routine and location. If you haven't downloaded the app yet, just click on the relevant link.¹ 

  • Dyson Link app on a smartphone screen

    Step 1

    After you've downloaded the app, open it and select 'Add machine' from the menu. Then select your light.

  • Person holding their smartphone close to the light to connect

    Step 2

    Hold your mobile device next to your light and press the flashing button on your light. This will activate the pairing process.

  • App che mostra la lampada sincronizzata con la luce del giorno

    Step 3

    Follow the simple prompts to complete set-up and add your location. This will enable your light to synchronize with local daylight.

  • App features available for the Dyson Lightcycle Morph™ light

    Step 4

    Explore the app-only features, such as your pre-set modes, custom modes, scheduling your light to brighten gradually at your wake-up time, and more. 

'Requires device to run app, 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi connection or mobile data, and Bluetooth® 4.0 support. For app compatibility, please search for ‘Dyson Link’ on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. Standard data and messaging rates may apply.

Automatic updates for the latest features

When our engineers develop new software, your light will automatically update through the app. This means you’ll always have the latest features. If you don't want updates to download automatically, you can turn off auto-updates in the settings section of the app. You can then manually check for updates in the same section. 

Cutaway image showing the technology inside the light

Positioning your light

You can easily change the position of your light by independently rotating the optical head, arm and stem up to 360°.

  • Dyson Lightcycle Morph™ light used as task light

    Task light

    Direct your light over your workspace – for powerful, high-quality lighting for work, hobbies and intricate tasks. 

  • Dyson Lightcycle Morph™ light reflecting light off wall

    Indirect light

    Rotate the optical head to reflect light off walls and ceilings, for soft background lighting.

  • Dyson Lightcycle Morph™ light highlighting art

    Feature light

    Rotate, twist and pivot your light for flexible lighting of art or decorative features.

  • Dyson Lightcycle Morph™ light with illuminated stem

    Ambient light

    Rotate the arm until the optical head magnetically docks to the stem for ambient, relaxing light.

Using your light's controls

You can adjust your light's main settings using the controls on the arm.

  • Person using the slide-touch controls on top of light

    Adjusting brightness/temperature

    Swipe the slide-touch controls to adjust the brightness or color temperature. Tap to quickly change between brightness levels or temperatures.

  • Button furthest from optical head that auto-adjusts brightness 

    Auto-adjusting brightness

    To set your light to adjust to background light conditions, simply press the auto-brightness button. This will keep your workspace at a constant brightness.

  • Middle button that turns on the movement sensor 

    Turning on the movement sensor

    Pressing the movement sensor button means your light will turn on when movement is detected nearby, and off when no movement is detected for five minutes.

  • Button closest to optical head that sets light to adjust with daylight 

    Re-syncing with local daylight

    Use the daylight re-sync button if you want your light to automatically adjust brightness and color according to your location. Your light needs to be connected by Bluetooth® wireless technology to the Dyson Link app. 

  • Middle button that disables/enables Bluetooth® wireless technology

    Disabling/enabling Bluetooth® wireless technology

    Your light comes with Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled. Pressing and holding the movement sensor button on your light will disable Bluetooth® wireless technology. Press and hold the button again to re-enable it. 

Expert advice at the Dyson Demo Store

Our Dyson Experts are on hand to show you how to get the most from your Dyson Solarcycle Morph™ light.

Inside the Dyson Demo Store

Frequently asked questions

Can I start using my light before connecting to the Dyson Link app?

Yes, but the light can't track your local daylight until you connect to the app. Features like the pre-set modes and scheduling can also only be accessed using the app.

Do I ever need to change the LEDs on this light?

No. Our LEDs will maintain light quality for at least 60 years² and are not designed to be replaced.

Can I connect the light to my smart home hub?

No, the light is not Wi-Fi enabled, so it can't be operated over home internet networks required for smart-home technology. Other Dyson connected machines have different compatibility.

Do I need to let the heat pipe cool down before reversing the arm direction?

No, the copper heat pipe is cool enough to touch at all times. 

Can the light help with blue light exposure?

Yes. By tracking local daylight, the light automatically reduces blue light in the mornings and evenings. And in Relax mode or Ambient position, the light instantly reduces blue light at any time of day.

²LED-life calculation is based on L70 measurement according to IEC 62717, with an estimation of 8 hours’ usage per day. Real-life results may vary.

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