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Support for your Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones

Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones (Ultra Blue/ Prussian Blue)​

Set up and connect FAQs

How do I position the visor?

The visor should be positioned to cover your nose and mouth. Leave approximately one centimeter between your mouth and the visor so the air flows effectively.

How do I position the headphones?

Place the headphones over your head with the headband a little further back than traditional headphones. Adjust both sides of the headband until comfortable.

How do I connect to my mobile device via Bluetooth®?

Open Bluetooth® in your mobile device’s settings menu. Check that Bluetooth® is turned on and select your Dyson Zone™ headphones. When your device has connected to your headphones, return to the MyDyson™ app.

What is the run time?

Your headphones deliver up to 4 hours of run time when using both air purification and ANC audio, or up to 50 hours if using audio only. Use Auto on-off to save energy when not in use.

Key controls FAQs

How do I turn on active noise cancelling (ANC)?

By default, the ANC on your Dyson Zone™ headphones is set at maximum noise reduction, known as Isolation mode. You can switch to Transparency mode by double tapping either ear cup. In Transparency mode, surrounding sounds are amplified so you can hear and stay alert. You can also initiate Conversation mode by flipping the visor down to talk. This pauses airflow and noise cancelling, and amplifies voices so you can hear and talk with your headphones on.

Can I control audio via Bluetooth®?

Yes, you can control both airflow and audio from your mobile device with the MyDyson™ app. You can also connect to platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music through Bluetooth-enabled products and play music through your device from there.

Can I make and answer telephone calls?

Once you’ve connected your headphones to your mobile device via Bluetooth®, you can control audio and telephone calls using the Audio joystick on the back of your right ear cup. When your smartphone rings, press the joystick to accept the call, or hold to decline. While a call is in progress, press the joystick again to end the call.

What does activity rate mean?

Activity rate refers to your level of physical activity while wearing the Dyson Zone™ headphones. The more active you are, the faster your breathing rate, and the higher your airflow. In Auto-activity mode, your headphones detect your level of activity and adjust airflow automatically. You can also adjust airflow manually using the Airflow button on the back of your left ear cup. Switch between rest, light activity such as walking, and moderate activity.

Maintenance FAQs

How long will my filters last?

The MyDyson™ app will let you know when your filters need to be changed. A pulsing pink LED on the ear cup also signals when your filters need replacing.

How do I replace my filters?

To change your filters, remove the covers on your ear cups by twisting them until they release. Lift the filters out carefully without dropping any dust into the ear cups. Dispose of the used filters. Remove the new filters from any packaging and place in the ear cups. Replace the covers and twist to lock them into position.

How do I clean my visor?

Detach the visor from your headphones and submerge it in warm, soapy water. After soaking for 30 seconds, clean around the edges with your visor brush. Leave to dry before re-attaching.

How do I clean my face covering?

The reusable Community face covering can be washed in warm, soapy water. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours before re-attaching.

How do I charge my headphones?

Charge your headphones using the USB-C cable. When connected to a power supply, the LED will pulse amber. When fully charged, the LED will turn green and then fade to off.

Replacement parts and accessories

Your Dyson Zone™ headphones have replaceable filters that will need changing over time. The MyDyson™ app will let you know when to do this. For all genuine Dyson parts and accessories, visit