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Discover your Dyson Corrale™ straightener Dyson Corrale™ straightener (Black Nickel/Fuchsia)

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Getting started

Your Dyson Corrale™ straightener is engineered to be easy to use. To get started, charge your straightener to 100% and watch our video guide or follow the steps below.

Image from video about getting started
Straightener being unlocked

1. Unlock your straightener

Simply slide up the Lock button on the front of your straightener to open it.

Flight-ready tag being inserted

2. Insert the Flight-ready tag

This will enable your straightener's controls. Your tag is tethered to your straightener.

Straightener being placed in dock

3. Fully charge your straightener before using

Assemble the charging dock by putting the two pieces together, and attaching the cable to the dock. Place Corrale on the dock to charge it to 100%. For best results and to maximize run time, always begin with 100% charge before styling. 

Battery icon on the screen

4. Turn your straightener on

Press and hold the Power button until a battery icon appears on the screen. If you see an error message, charge your straightener to 100% then turn on, off and on again to reset.

Temperature options on the screen

5. Choose your temperature

Use the + or - button to select your desired styling temperature.  You will hear a chime when Corrale reaches your desired temperature. As the flexing plates enable enhanced styling with less heat for half the damage¹, we recommend you try the lowest setting of 330°F first. If you feel you need more heat for your hair type, length or desired style, you can increase the temperature to 365°F or 410°F.

Woman straightening her hair

6. Prepare your hair for styling

Before styling, ensure hair is detangled and completely dry. For best results, section hair. The perfect tress size will depend on your hair type. Try a few different section sizes and see what works best for you. If you have coarse hair, begin with a smaller section. If you have fine hair, try larger sections for a smoother glide.

¹Thermal damage measured by hair strength, when creating an equivalent hair style. Tested on flexing plates vs solid plates.

Useful tips

Straightener in its dock

Maximize run time with Charging dock

Place your Dyson Corrale™ straightener in the dock when not in use and in between sections to extend run time. Always begin with 100% charge before styling.

Image from video about sounds

Understanding the sounds

Your straightener make a range of sounds to prompt you to take an action, or to alert you. Chimes indicate your machine is heating up, chosen temperature reached, low battery, empty battery, charging, idle mode and service alerts. Watch video to understand what each sounds means.

Image from video about turning off prompt sounds

Turning off the prompt sounds

You can mute the prompt sounds by pressing and holding the Power and Temperature (–) buttons for more than five seconds. For your safety, you can't mute the sounds for Sleep mode or alerts.

Straightener weight in hand

Weight in-hand

The Dyson Corrale™ straightener may seem heavier when you first pick it up because it is engineered to be balanced in the hand. This provides maximum control while using to deliver enhanced styling performance. It is also packed with advanced 4-cell lithium-ion battery technology to give you maximum styling time and the thermal performance of a corded straightener, all without the cord.

Automatically turns off for peace of mind

If your straightener is left unattended with the power on for longer than five minutes, it goes into Sleep mode and the flexing plates start to cool down. After a further five minutes, your straightener turns off completely.

Tag removed from straightener

Flying with Corrale

Before flying with Corrale, place the machine in flight ready mode by disconnecting the flight ready tab. This will disarm the battery. 

Getting the look you want

Your straightener is engineered to create a range of styles. From a straight finish to curls, our video styling guides show you how to get the look you want.

Lady with spiralling curls
Volume and movement video

Creating volume and movement

Straightening coily hair video

Straightening curly hair

Beach waves video

Creating beach waves

True curls video

Achieving true curls

Soft waves video

Creating soft waves

Flat beach waves video

Achieving flat beach waves

C curls video

Creating C curls

straight and smooth video

Straight and smooth

straight and sleek video

Straight and sleek

For more styling guides and hair science facts, you can visit our YouTube channel

For the latest news and styling inspiration, follow @DysonHair on Instagram

Flight-ready tag removed from straightener

Flying with your straightener

Your straightener cannot be checked. Please check your airline's guidelines as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) websites for your local regulations regarding travel with lithium ion battery powered devices.* ICAO regulations state that cordless straighteners can only be carried on an aircraft if the heaters are isolated from the battery. To meet these regulations, your Dyson Corrale™ straightener has been designed with a Flight-ready tag that disconnects the battery. You need to remove the tag before airport security and leave it disconnected throughout the flight.
You can find a step-by-step guide to flying with your straightener below.

* External websites including your airline website,, and are not part of Dyson or We provide external links such as this one for your convenience; however, this does not necessarily mean that we endorse the content on the site or the public or private organization that sponsors it. We also cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information presented on the external site.

Please note that regulations in Japan mean you will not be able to fly in or out of any Japanese airports with your straightener.

How to fly with your straightener

Airline approval is required if you're traveling with a battery-powered heat-producing product. Cordless straighteners are in this category, so we recommend contacting your airline before you travel. Explain that your straightener has a Flight-ready feature which isolates the heaters from the battery, to meet ICAO regulations. If you lose your Flight-ready tag, please call 866-693-9766. To use it, follow these six simple steps:

Tag removed from straightener

1. Before packing your straightener, unlock it and remove the Flight-ready tag.

Aeroplane icon on screen

2. Press the Power button and check an airplane icon appears on the screen.

Straightener in Heat-resistant travel pouch

3. Close and lock your straightener, then place it in its Heat-resistant travel pouch.

Flight-ready tag protector

4. Slide the Flight-ready tag into its protector to keep it safe.

Straightener in hand luggage

5. Store in your carry-on luggage, not checked luggage.

Aeroplane icon

6. Leave the Flight-ready tag disconnected throughout the flight.

Dyson Corrale™ straightener
Close-up image of flight-ready tag

Flight-ready tag lost or removed

Our Flight-ready tag allows you to use your straightener, while meeting airline regulations. If you have removed or lost your tag, please find help here.

Maintaining your straightener

We recommend regularly cleaning your straightener's plates to remove hair product residue. This keeps them working at their best. First, turn off your straightener and allow the plates to cool down. Then, rub them gently with a damp, lint-free cloth.

Image from video about cleaning plates
Inside the Dyson Demo Store

Expert advice at the Dyson Demo Store

Our Dyson Experts are on hand to show you how to get the most from your Dyson Corrale™ straightener. You can also book a complimentary appointment to have your hair styled.

Frequently asked questions

Can I fly with this straightener, even though it's battery operated?

The Dyson Corrale™ straightener has a Flight-ready feature that disconnects the battery, designed to adhere to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations. Airline approval is required in advance if you're traveling with a battery-powered heat-producing product, so we recommend contacting them before you travel to let them know. Then you'll need to remove the Flight-ready tag from your straightener before airport security and leave it disconnected throughout the flight. Please note that regulations in Japan mean you will not be able to fly in or out of any Japanese airports with your straightener.

Can I charge my straightener in different countries?

Yes. Your straightener has universal voltage, so you can charge it in countries with different electrical voltages to the one in which you purchased it. You'll still need to check if you need a travel adaptor.

I just bought my straightener and can't get it to work. Why is this?

If you haven't done it already, insert your Flight-ready tag into your straightener. This will activate your straightener's controls. You should also fully charge your straightener before using it. If you're still having trouble getting started, you can watch the video at the top of this page, contact a Dyson Expert using live chat or call 866-277-5122.

Will my straightener turn off if I accidentally leave it on?

Yes. If your straightener is left unattended with the power on for longer than five minutes, the heated flexing plates will automatically start to cool down. An alert will sound every 10 seconds and the Power button will flash. Pressing any button will re-activate your straightener. If left unattended for a further five minutes, your straightener will turn off completely.

Can I put the straightener in my bag directly after use?

If you'd like to store your Dyson Corrale™ straightener in your bag after use, first slide down the Lock button to secure the plates. Then place your straightener in its Heat-resistant travel pouch before putting it in your bag.

Do I need to carry out any maintenance on my straightener?

We recommend regularly cleaning your straightener's flexing plates, to keep them working at their best. First, turn your straightener off and wait for the plates to cool. Then, gently rub the plates with a damp, lint-free cloth to remove any stubborn hair product residue.

Can I turn off the prompt sounds my straightener makes?

Your straightener will make prompt sounds at times such as when it reaches your desired temperature and when it has low battery. You can mute the prompt sounds by pressing the Power and Temperature (–) buttons at the same time for more than five seconds. For your safety, you can't mute the sounds for Sleep mode or alerts. To turn the prompt sounds back on, press and hold the buttons again. 

Can I change my straightener's temperature units?

Yes. You can view your straightener's temperature in Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Simply press and hold the Power and Temperature (+) buttons for more than five seconds to switch between the two. When your preferred unit shows on the screen, release the buttons.

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