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#PetsofDyson: the best pet pictures and cleaning tips from Dyson owners

With many of our offices still closed, we asked Dyson people around the world to share photos of their new colleagues and share advice on how to remove pet hair from their home office environments.

We’ve rounded up some of the best entries so far but don’t forget to share photos and videos of your own pets and top cleaning tips on social media using #PetsofDyson. Make sure you tag @Dyson so that we can share your content.

10 July 2020



Noodles worked out that napping with the Dyson V11 cord-free vacuum means that she won’t be disturbed. To keep the peace, use Eco Mode for a quieter clean and still have the power to pick up pet hair. 



Craig recommends vacuuming your carpet in alternating directions to agitate and remove embedded pet hair, especially if it’s their favourite spots. The result is a rug that’s as fluffy as Archie – until he returns five minutes later. 



Dust mites thrive in warm, dark spaces like sofas and feed on human and animal skin flakes. To combat the unwelcome visitors, wash blankets, cushions and bedding at 60° degrees to break down allergens and reduce the amount of microscopic dander that dust mites feed on. Franky’s owner also recommends using the Mini-Motorised tool attachment on your vacuum to deep clean your soft furnishings, from sofas and mattresses to dog baskets. 



Pet hair can become electrostatically stuck to hard floors and be problematic to pick up. The anti-static carbon fibre filaments on the Fluffy cleaner head help remove pet hair, as well as fine dust from hard surfaces – leaving little house work left for Luna. 



Pets shed dander, consisting of microscopic skin flakes and allergens, which can accumulate in soft furnishings. These skin flakes form the diet of dust mites, with up to one million flakes in a single mattress. Pebbles’ owner used her Dyson vacuum to remove dust, hair and dander from her mattress by using the Mini-Motorised tool. 

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