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  • Client-ready salon cleaning – Instilling client confidence post-pandemic

    With lockdowns starting to lift around the world and people eager to return to salons, owners, stylists and clients are looking for reassurance over the health concerns associated with post-pandemic life. Now, with a heightened focus on hygiene, salon professionals will seek sanitation solutions in an effort to instil client confidence. Dyson’s pioneering technology is engineered to provide peace of mind with cleaning solutions for stylists at a time when the industry is evolving.  


    Purer air for a cleaner salon

    Dyson’s purification technology is engineered to tackle professional pollutants – from larger particulate matter like hair, make-up and pollen, to gases including VOCs from hairspray and airborne styling and cleaning products.  The Dyson Pure CoolTM purifying fan captures 99.95 per cent of particles the size of bacteria and viruses – as small as 0.1 microns – trapping them within a fully-sealed HEPA-13 filter. Intelligent sensing technology detects particle and gas pollution and automatically reacts to the changing environment. Once the machine detects the area is clean, it switches off, ready to recommence purifying should indoor conditions worsen. This functionality ensures cleaner air in a salon without stylists needing to divert attention from the tasks at hand.

  • Dyson air purifier in a salon,
  • Ventilation is increasingly important in public spaces in a post-pandemic age, with guidelines recommending salons leave windows open to increase air exchange. While fresh air is essential, this could lead to elevated NO2 levels indoors from roadside pollution entering through open windows or as clients come and go. Air MultiplierTM technology within Dyson purifiers projects clean airflow across the room, purifying air for effective whole-room cleaning. Diffused mode delivers purification and air projection through the rear of the machine for purification without the cooling effect and without disrupting a single hair.

  • Jen Atkin
  • Hygienic hair care tools for fast-paced professionals

    Salons are fast paced and high-pressure environments, which calls for tools that meet those demands. Dyson styling tools are championed by professional stylists around the world for their high-performance and ability to cater for clients of all hair types. Patented Air MultiplierTM technology in Dyson hair care tools amplifies airflow, delivering high velocity and high pressure but focused airflow for styling at speed with optimum precision. The Dyson digital motor V9 – placed in the tool’s handle for balance – spins at up to 110,000rpm, propelling 13 litres of air every second.


    Dyson’s filtration technology is built into the Dyson SupersonicTM Professional hair dryer. The tool features a new and improved two-part depth loading, maximum efficiency, maximum airflow (MEMA) filter, attuned to respond to the air pollutant nuances within professional styling environments. The new filter extends the life cycle between each filter clean to once every 1-3 months, minimising tool down time and in turn limiting cuts to profitable styling time.

  • Dyson Airblade in a bathroom
  • Prioritising hand hygiene with AirbladeTM  technology

    Hand hygiene is another consideration for stylists, yet disregarding drying between basin-based tasks such as shampooing, treatments, colour and rinsing could see stylists contribute to contamination. “We know damp hands can transfer up to 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands[1], while wiping hands on clothes can jeopardise the hand washing process, as they can add bacteria to the washed hands if they are not clean[2],” explains Dr Salome Giao, Dyson Senior Microbiologist and Scientist.


    Using Dyson AirbladeTM technology is one way to ensure hands are dried hygienically and quickly, particularly in shared salon washrooms. For over 15 years Dyson microbiologists have drawn on expertise from a range of sectors to ensure the Dyson AirbladeTM technology is hygienic in real-world use, introducing touch-free technology fitted with a HEPA filter as standard to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

  • Clear hair, fast for a deeper clean

    In a post-pandemic world, salon station cleaning between clients is an increased demand on a stylist’s time. Dyson recently introduced a new Hair screw tool, which features anti-tangle technology to pick up hair fast and without interruption. The anti-tangle conical brush bar spirals hair off and into the vacuum bin to prevent the common floorcare frustration of hair wrapping of hair around the brush bar.


    Dyson’s latest vacuum – also powered by a Dyson HyperdymiumTM motor, the same device found in the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer – offers laser detection to highlight dirt and debris not visible to the naked eye, while a piezo sensor continuously sizes and counts dust particles, automatically increasing suction power when needed. Once captured, 99.9 per cent of particles as small as 0.3 microns are trapped within a fully sealed, five-stage filtration system, ensuring cleaner air is expelled back into the salon. For stylists who demand the very best filtration and protection from allergies, the Dyson V15 Detect cordless vacuum is also available with an additional HEPA filter when bought directly from Dyson, which captures 99.97 per cent of particles down to 0.1 microns.


    Dyson is proud to be a partner of salons globally, bringing a suite of technology to offer solutions for stylists across all areas of hair and air.

  • [1] Patrick D, Findon G, and Miller T (1997). Residual moisture determines the level of touch-contact-associated bacterial transfer following hand washing. Epidemiol. Infect. 119: 319-325

    [2] Suen LKP, Lung VYT, Boost MV, et al. (2019). Microbiological evaluation of different hand drying methods for removing bacteria from washed hands. Sci. Rep. 9: 13754  

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