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  • How to deep clean your child's bedroom

    Every parent will recognise the feeling of trepidation after a long day of entertaining the children. Now that the fun is over, the inevitability of cleaning up is unavoidable. Often the easiest solution is to spend a frantic ten minutes restoring order but sometimes a more thorough clean is required to help maintain a healthy home. Here are Dyson’s tips on how to deep clean children's bedrooms.

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Declutter and organise

Before cleaning begins, look around the room to see if anything is out of place and think about how your child’s items are stored. Could this be improved with storage solutions? 

Clean the bed

While bedding can look clean, mattresses can often be a hotbed of microscopic life, which can have an impact on your child’s wellbeing while they sleep. Dust mites, their faeces, bacteria, viruses, pollen and other allergens make up the complex matrix that is household dust, which also exists in your mattress. By cleaning mattresses every six months or more, you can reduce the levels of dust and microscopic life within them. 

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    • Remove and wash bedding on a 60°C or 90°C wash, as this will help to reduce allergens.
    • For the mattress, use your Dyson vacuum in Boost mode with a Mini-motorised tool to remove as many dust mites and skin flakes as possible.
    • Under the bed, a Low-reach adaptor will access those hard-to-reach places – where dust tends to gather, and mites thrive. 

Vacuum the floor

Depending on your type of flooring, the approach will differ. For hard floors, start by vacuuming the whole surface – using the right accessories to get into cracks and crevices where dust accumulates. Once the floor is clear, use child-friendly soap and water to remove stubborn stains. 

For carpeted rooms, follow these tips from Dyson engineers to ensure you are vacuuming in the correct way:

    • Vacuum slowly and carefully. This agitates dust and dirt within the carpet fibres and increases the likelihood of their removal. 
    • Focus on one spot (but not too much). Repeated attention on a single area yields results, but more than three times provides minimal increase.  
    • Use the right tools. It takes a degree of effort but it’s worth it. A stubborn dirt brush will remove those enduring remnants of muddy footwear.
    • Don’t neglect the hidden places. Concealed carpeted areas are ideal breeding grounds for dust mites, so occasionally moving larger furniture is advised.
  • Beach wave style hair straightener

Refresh the curtains and blinds

It’s surprising to discover how much dust can gather on curtains and blinds. Depending on the material, removing and washing curtains can help to reduce allergens. A Soft dusting brush can also be used on curtains and blinds to remove excess dust and allergens in a more delicate manner – all in all, leaving children's bedrooms cleaner.

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