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Woman as she wears Dyson Zone air purifying headphones.

Woman wearing  Dyson Zone noise-cancelling headphones in an outdoor setting.

"My headphones are the most important part for creating a space for myself."

-Raven B. Varona, photographer and Dyson Ambassador

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Man wearing  Dyson Zone noise-cancelling headphones in an outdoor setting.

Immersive listening in comfort

Ergonomically engineered with a cushioned headband that precisely adjusts for a comfortable fit.

Dyson Zone™ Absolute+ noise-cancelling headphones (Prussian Blue/Bright Copper)​

Overall rating

70% of reviewers would recommend to a friend.

5 Stars


As someone who values both quality sound and clean air, I was thrilled to get my hands on the new Dyson Zone headset. After spending some time with these revolutionary headphones, I can confidently say they are not only well-made, but also deliver exceptional audio and noise-cancelling capabilities on par with top competitors like Sony, Bose, and AirPod Max. The Dyson Zone headphones excel in their unique air purification feature, which I found particularly useful during the current allergy season. The contact-free visor attaches seamlessly and channels purified air directly to my nose and mouth, making outdoor experiences more enjoyable and reducing my allergy symptoms significantly. This innovative feature sets the Dyson Zone apart from other noise-cancelling headphones on the market. In terms of audio quality, I was impressed with the low sound distortion and advanced noise-cancellation capabilities. The connection to the MyDyson app for real-time environment updates adds another layer of convenience to these already remarkable headphones. One minor drawback I noticed was the fan noise when using the air purification feature in a quiet setting. However, this was not an issue when I was in public places or listening to music, as the fan noise was easily masked. Overall, the Dyson Zone headset is excellent for those who value air quality. I highly recommend giving the Dyson Zone a try if you're looking for a top-of-the-line headset with a unique edge.

Woman wearing  Dyson Zone noise-cancelling headphones in an outdoor setting.

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Woman wearing  Dyson Zone noise-cancelling headphones in an outdoor setting.
Woman wearing  Dyson Zone noise-cancelling headphones in an outdoor setting.

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Breathe pure air with the attachable travel visor

Engineer adjusts the visor on the Dyson Zone.

30 years of expertise

6 years of research

500 prototypes

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Frequently asked questions

How does the noise-cancellation technology work in the Dyson headphones?

The Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones has 10 noise-cancelling microphones in total that monitor surrounding noise 384,000 times a second, cancelling background noise. The passive attenuation works with the active noise cancellation to cancel out up to 40dB of unwanted noise. You can monitor your sound exposure by connecting to the MyDyson™ app.²

What are the three Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) modes?

The three ANC modes are Isolation mode, Transparency mode and Conversation mode. Isolation mode provides the highest level of active noise cancellation to deliver a rich, immersive audio experience – for example when you might need to concentrate on the task at hand. Transparency mode enables greater awareness of your surroundings, by boosting audio frequencies so you can hear more while wearing the product. When the attachable travel visor is being used, Conversation mode can be activated by dipping the visor – turning purification off to conserve battery power and amplify the conversation.

What is the battery life?

As the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones combine purification and audio, the battery capacity had to be significantly more than conventional, audio-only headphones. The battery life will depend on the mode you are using it in – the lowest battery life will be when the purification speed is set to high, with ANC on. For audio-only, the product has a run time of up to 50 hours.¹ For audio and purification the run time will be up to 4 hours.¹ Auto on-off saves energy when not in use.

How have you designed for comfort?

Detailed trials with real people helped understand how Dyson Zone™ headphones would sit comfortably on any head shape. Comfort features like materials, adjustability, the grip of the headband and more were introduced. Dyson engineers explored different cushioning foams, shapes and designs to develop a headband with just the right density and spring to evenly distribute weight, and relieve pressure on the head.

Does the Dyson Zone connect to Bluetooth?

Yes. You can connect to devices through Bluetooth™ enabled products and play music through the device from there.⁵

Is it possible to answer phone calls?

Yes, we have developed a beam forming microphone that can isolate and pick up the wearers voice & provide feedback into the headset so the wearer can hear their own voice. Just dip the visor when wearing to activate.

How has the attachable travel visor been designed for commuting?

Lightweight materials allow the visor to flex and return to its original shape, making it easily portable and durable when commuting.

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