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Dyson Hot+Cool Jet Focus logo

Dyson Hot + Cool™ fan heaters

Fast, even whole-room heating. Powerful personal cooling.
 Dyson tower fan heaters

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Dyson fan heater diffused mode heats the room evenly, with no cold spots. Focused mode channels a powerful jet of air.

 Dyson tower fan heater airflow schematic

Effective heating and personal cooling, all year round.

Dyson tower fan heater focused airflow schematic
Focused airflow schematic for tower fan heater

Dyson Hot + Cool™ tower fan heaters. Jet Focus control. Long-range personal heating or fast, even room heating.

 Dyson tower fan heater loop amplifier

No fast-spinning blades, no visible heating elements. Automatically shuts off when tipped over.

Hot and Cool heater fan air multiplier

Air Multiplier™ technology amplifies surrounding air, for high-velocity, long-range air projection.

Dyson Hot+Cool Jet Focus AM09 (White/Silver)

Overall rating

90% of reviewers would recommend to a friend.

Cutting edge design


I purchased this heater a bit apprehensive with the price, but decided to give Dyson a try. It is as functional and smart as it is stylish. It is very quiet and smooth running. I like the fact that the heating element is concealed from touch or view and there is no burning order. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Advanced Technology logo
 Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link™ purifier heater airflow schematic

Intelligently purifies the whole room.¹

Buy direct from the people who made it

1Tested to Dyson internal method TM-003711 in a 290ftroom and DTM801.