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Dyson purifier cool gen1 logo
Dyson HEPA Cool Formaldehyde tower fan

Dyson Purifier Cool Gen1 TP10 purifying fan

Automatically senses, captures and traps pollutants. For cleaner air.

  • Cools you¹
  • Whole-room purification2
  • Removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns


  • Dyson Purifier Cool Gen1 TP10 front and side views

Dyson tower purifier fan projecting purified air around an open-plan office

Whole-room purification​

Only Dyson purifiers have Air Multiplier™ technology to draw in distant pollutants and project 77 gallons of air a second throughout the room.² The long-range projection and powerful stream of purified airflow cools you down during the summer.

Everyday items releasing pollutants within a commercial environment

Pollutants can build up inside your business, you just can't see them

Indoor air quality can be up to 5 times worse than the air outdoors.* Many items in your business – from flooring and furniture, to printer emissions and building materials – can release microscopic particles and gases.​

Dyson purifiers can benefit your business, by tackling these common sources and helping to create a healthier, more comfortable environment.

Frequently asked questions

What is different about the Dyson Purifier Cool Gen1 machine?

The Dyson Purifier Cool Gen1 machine has the same core capabilities found in our purification products. The Dyson Purifer Cool Gen1 machine, senses pollutants PM2.5 and PM10. Although this machine doesn’t have app connectivity, the remote control allows you to easily adjust settings on the machine.

What is new about the Dyson Purifier range and how is it different to other purifiers?

Dyson engineers are perfectionists. Channelling our relentless dissatisfaction, we have re-engineered the Dyson Purifier range to be fully sealed to HEPA H13 standard.4 Capturing 99.97% of fine particles and preventing pollutants from leaking back into the air you breathe.

How often should I replace my filter?

We recommend replacing the HEPA+Carbon filter every 12 months. That's because over time, filters can get clogged with pollutants, and even let unpleasant odors back into the room. The machine will alert you when it’s time to change filters. A filter life reading can be found on the LCD screen. 

How many Dyson purifiers do I need for my business?​

Dyson experts are on hand to better understand your business environment. We'll advise about which purifiers will best suit your space and budget, as well as informing you about our latest offers.​

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