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Dyson Pure Cool Link™ TP02 purifying fan (Nickel)

Overall rating

88% of reviewers would recommend to a friend.

3 years with my Dyson and I still love it!


The detection sensor is sensitive and will automatically turn the machine on when “bad” air is present. For example: my dog was in my room when my air purifier turned on to level 8 (I had it on automatic setting), a few seconds later I smelled the worst gas smell. It detected my dogs gas before my nose did. Yes, this machine detects and filters out gas, among many other airborne nasties. I had turned my machine off for a week to save the filter. During those last few nights my nose would get stuffy when I laid down to sleep, not sure why, but I decided to turn my purifier back on and the following nights the stuffy nose went away and I slept like normal again. When I cook foods with a heavy odor, this thing will kick on as soon as the odors and smoke fills the air. There have been times when I got back from the gym and once I’d get near the machine it would kick on. This machine really works! And it works very well! I have allergies and sometimes get hay fever, so I’ve found this machine very useful and helpful for me. It’s been running well for the 3.5 years I’ve had it and I love the design and look as well. It’s sleek, minimal, pleasing to the eye, and doesn’t make much noise. I use it with the Dyson app and control the machine settings from my phone, get weekly air reports, and it shows me the filter life. Replacing the filter is easy and setting everything up is easy. I recommend this purifier and will continue to use these air purifiers. If you take good care of it regularly (wipe it down, change filter, keep sensor clear, place in safe location) it should last you a long time.


  • Weight

    8.4 lb

  • Airflow at max. setting

    410 l/s

  • Amp diameter

    4.4 in

  • Base diameter with plate

    7.7 in

  • Cord length

    6.6 ft

  • Total height

    40 in

  • Air treatment type


  • Format


Dyson Pure Cool Link™ tower purifier Dyson Pure Cool Link™ tower purifier side profile
  • Height

    40 in

  • Length

    4.4 in

  • Width

    7.5 in

In the box

Dyson Pure Cool Link™ TP02 purifying fan (Nickel)