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Dyson air purifiers. Purification year-round. Purifying fan when you need it.

Removes 99.97% of pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns.
Dyson Pure Cool Link™ purifier range

Dyson purifer blows purified air into living room

"As pollution increases, technology must counter it. We began by engineering vacuums that capture the pollutants found on floors and surfaces. Now we've turned our attention to those in the air."

 James Dyson, Engineer

Dyson Pure Cool Link™ TP02 purifying fan (White/Silver)

Overall rating

95% of reviewers would recommend to a friend.

Big difference in indoor air quality


I've had one for three years and absolutely love it. I have asthma triggered by allergies with dust and mold being the top two. I have it on at work in an old building with ventilation issues and windows that do not open. I leave it on all week and turn it off for the weekend. Monday mornings one can definitely tell the difference in the air. It is always oscillating set on six or seven. The filter lasts a little over a year Glancing at the dirty filter I just changed, seeing is believing.

Dyson purifer blows purified air into living room

Purifies all year round.
Cools you when you need it.

Dyson purifer sucks in green pollutants

The second generation Dyson 360° Glass HEPA filter is made from 20 feet of borosilicate microfiber, pleated 333 times. With three times more graphite than the first generation filter.

  • Dyson heater purifier in a kitchen

    Cooking up a storm: the impact of cooking on air quality

    What impact does cooking have on indoor air quality? Preparing food can release a unique mix of pollutants into the air., and kitchen concentrations of ultrafine particles can often be 10 to 40 times higher after cooking.

  • Athlete working out in gym with Dyson air quality backpack nearby

    Athletes explore relationship between breathing clean air and wellbeing using Dyson’s wearable air monitoring technology

    Dyson is working with six athletes worldwide to help educate them on their exposure to air pollution and its potential impact on wellbeing and performance.