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Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Autoreact logo
Dyson purifier humidify + cool autoreact fan expelling purified air expelled

Automatically senses, captures, and traps pollutants

Fully sealed to HEPA H13 standard⁴

Projects purified, humidified air throughout the room³

Hassle-free deep clean cycle

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Dyson air purifier humidfy+cool Autoreact PH3A purifying a large living space

Improve the air quality inside your home

The air inside the average home can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside.⁷ Central heating and air conditioning can also affect the air we breathe. Fortunately, we have a solution for both.

Dyson air purifier humidfy+cool Autoreact PH3A purifying a large living space

Powerful circulation to purify and humidify the whole room³

Our machine’s built-in intelligence automatically adds moisture and optimizes humidity levels with a stream of evaporated air – with no mist. It also draws in indoor pollutants, and Air Multiplier™ technology projects purified, humified air throughout the room.

Dyson purifier humidifier inside Dyson test chamber with nine sensors

Dyson purifier humidifiers are tested beyond the industry standard

We test our purifier humidifiers in a room size of 81m³, with nine sensors that continuously measure air quality. Some other manufacturers use a small 28.5m³ chamber, with only one sensor and a fan to boost circulation.

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CADR test chamber

Industry-standard test chamber – only 28.5m³

Polar test chamber

Dyson POLAR test chamber - 81m³

Inner workings of air purifier and three sensors – displayed on LCD screen

Senses and reports, automatically

Three sensors constantly monitor your air. Our unique algorithm diagnoses pollutants at a molecular level – reacting to purify and humidify before displaying live air quality in real-time reports.

Advanced filtration system capturing pollutants

Captures pollutants with advanced HEPA filtration

A HEPA filter capture 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size and an activated carbon filter removes gases and odors.

Common household pollutants

Household fumes and cooking


Cleaning products and candles

Benzene and VOCs

Gas stoves and car exhausts

Nitrogen Dioxide

Pollen and allergens




Industrial emissions and house dust


Ultrafine particles



Family room with purifier humidifier projecting airflow

Fully sealed to HEPA H13 standard

To prevent pollutants leaking back into the air, it's not just the filter that's sealed to HEPA H13 standard, it's the whole purifier humidifier.⁴ So what goes inside, stays inside.

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Air purifier destroys potentially harmful bacteria

Destroys potentially harmful bacteria

Dyson Ultraviolet Cleanse technology exposes every drop of water to a powerful λ275nm UV light. This kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water.² Cleansed water is then evaporated by the biostatic 3D air mesh, before hygienic, humidified air is projected throughout the room.³

Family room with purifier humidifier projecting airflow

To humidify your environment, hygienically

Central heating and air conditioning units can contribute to dry air developing in the home, which can cause dehydration. The Dyson purifying humidifying fan automatically maintains the target level of moisture in your air with an invisible stream of evaporated water, and no mist – for a more comfortable environment.

Cutaway image of the inside of a purifier and the Deep clean cycle in action.

Hassle-free Deep clean cycle, now made easier with our citric acid cleaning kit

Use your machine's Deep clean cycle with our specialized Cleaning Kit to remove mineral build-up.

Frequently asked questions

Where should I place the purifier humidifier in my room?

Your Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool™ is engineered to purify and humidify single rooms, so you should use it where you spend the majority of your time at home. When placing the machine, make sure there's at least a few feet of clearance on all sides, so that the air can circulate effectively. Close doors and windows and place away from air vents. 

Can I switch off humidification?

Yes. The machine works as a purifier humidifier, or just a purifying fan.

How often should I run a Deep clean cycle?

This depends on the water hardness where you live. The machine prompts you to run the cycle once a month in hard water areas. It prompts you less often in softer water areas. You can select your water hardness with the Dyson Link app. Running a Deep clean cycle helps to eliminate odours that occur through poor maintenance.

Do Dyson purifiers capture wildfire smoke?

Dyson purifiers capture wildfire smoke.9

Choose your model

Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Autoreact PH3A (White/Nickel)

Hygienically humidifies

Automatically senses, captures, and traps pollutants.

Projects purified, humidified air around the whole room.⁴ Control with remote. Not app compatible.

What's included

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  • Dyson Genuine filter

    Filter for your Dyson Purifier

  • Remote control

    Curved and magnetized to store neatly on the machine.


¹Third party full machine testing based on GB/T 18801-2015. Results may vary in practice.

²Tested to DTM-004533.

³Tested for purification coverage in an 81m³ chamber. Tested for humidification coverage in a 41m³ chamber.

Tested with particle challenge per EN1822 in a chamber per ASTMF3150. Tested at maximum fan speed.

Requires device to run app, 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi connection or mobile data, and Bluetooth® 4.0 support. For app compatibility, please search for ‘Dyson Link’ on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. Standard data and messaging rates may apply. Voice control requires a compatible voice service.

Based on fan speed 1.

⁷US Environmental Protection Agency, The Total Exposure Assessment Methodology Study, 1987.

⁸PH03 is a humidifier and fan, not an air conditioning unit.

9Based on capture of particles, ammonia, benzene, and acetic acid.