Hygienic humidification, with even room coverage

Get the most from your Dyson humidifier

Ready to get started with your Dyson humidifier? Scroll down for tips and maintenance advice, so the machine can create the best surroundings for you.

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Watch your humidifier’s quick-start guide

Your remote control

Magnetically docks on top of the machine when not in use.

Standby On/Off

Airflow speed control

Sleep timer

Fan/humidity toggle

Manual humidity control

Auto mode

Auto mode

When you select this mode on the remote, your machine will automatically calculate the humidity setting needed to help create a comfortable environment.

Manual mode

Manual control gives you the flexibility to choose your desired humidity – ranging from 30 to 70%. Between 40 to 60% is considered comfortable.

When you make your selection, your machine will only project mist if your target humidity is above the current level in the room.

Setting your
sleep timer

The sleep timer creates a comfortable environment overnight. Your machine will turn off whenever you’ve set it to, without interrupting your beauty sleep.

To set your desired switch-off time, press and hold the sleep timer button on your remote. The machine can be set to sleep for up to nine hours at a time.

How your humidifier kills bacteria

Before releasing any mist, your machine carries out a three-minute treatment cycle, to kill bacteria in the water. This kills 99.9% of bacteria, before projecting a hygienic mist.

Cleaning your Dyson

Your humidifier needs regular cleaning to prevent build up of limescale and bacteria. Follow these steps to make your own weekly cleaning solution, and watch the video below for our recommended cleaning routine.

The weekly cleaning cycle

30 grams of citric acid

1 liter
of water

Measuring cup

Watch how to clean your humidifier

Warning displays

In the event of a technical problem, your humidifier’s interface will display an error code. If you see any of these warning numbers, consult your user manual or visit our online support center for advice on solving your issue. Visit online support here

Changing the battery on
a Dyson remote control

If the blue light on your humidifier no longer lights up when you press the remote’s buttons, it’s time to replace the battery. And if you lose your remote, you can order a replacement here

Watch how to change the battery on a Dyson remote control

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