Two tiers of cyclones captures more microscopic dust than any other.

The DC47 animal canister vacuum has our latest 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones. 32 cyclones work in parallel across two tiers to increase airflow and capture more microscopic dust. And with our latest Ball™ technology, DC47 turns on the spot. It’s compact, making it easy to store and light to pull. Includes the Dyson Tangle-free Turbine tool to remove dirt and hair from carpet and upholstery.

DC47 Animal
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  • 5 year warranty

Image of the Dyson Tangle-free Turbine Tool

Tangle-free Turbine tool

DC47 Animal comes with the Dyson Tangle-free Turbine tool, the only turbine tool that doesn't tangle. It uses counter-rotating heads with brushes to remove hair and dirt from carpets and upholstery and releases it straight into the bin.

DC47 Features

  • 2 Tier Radial™ technology
  • Captures more microscopic dust than any other
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ball™ technology
  • Carbon fiber brush bar
  • Tangle-free Turbine tool
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