Airmuscle™ technology

Airmuscle™ technology uses three Dyson-engineered components – a pneumatic actuator, a powered cam and a high-torque clutch – that combine for the most thorough clean, without losing suction.

Airmuscle technology image

Other vacuums

Conventional vacuums have settings for different floors, so you would expect the cleaner head to adjust to the floor type you select. But in many cases it jacks up too high above the floor, resulting in suction leaks, or is weighted to bury deep into the carpet pile, making the vacuum difficult to push.

Airmuscle™ technology

Dyson engineers spent three years developing Airmuscle™ technology. It combines three components – a powered cam, a pneumatic actuator and a high-torque clutch – each precisely adjusting the cleaner head to clean every floor surface, without losing suction.

Image showing leaking suction

Leaking suction

When the brush bar raises, so does the cleaner head. Suction escapes.

Heavy cleaner head image

Heavy cleaner heads

Other cleaner heads are weighted to bury into carpets. But it makes pushing difficult.

Focused suction image

Focused suction

Airmuscle™ technology raises the brush bar independently of the cleaner head. No gap, no leaking suction.

Airmuscle technology

Airmuscle™ technology

The cleaner head and brush bar precisely adjust to each surface, without compromising maneuverability.