Dyson Ball Animal has the strongest suction of any vacuumǂ and comes with a Tangle Free turbine and Multi-angle Tool for tough tasks.

Strongest suction of any vacuum. 

For tough tasks.

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"Highest in Customer Satisfaction with
Upright Vacuums"

Remove hair without it tangling around the brush bar thanks to our Tangle-Free Turbine tool.

Removes hair
without tangling.

Dyson Ball Animal comes with the
Tangle-free Turbine tool, so you can
remove dirt and hair from confined spaces
– without it tangling around a brush bar.
Dyson Ball Animal vacuum with it's most advanced Radial Route Cyclone™ technology.

Suction power is measured in air watts. Dyson Ball Animal has the strongest suction of any vacuum.

Cyclones arranged in a radial formation means airflow can be channelled directly through the centre of the cyclone assembley.

Radial Root Cyclone™

By arranging the inner cyclones in a radial formation, airflow can be channelled directly through the center of the cyclone assembly once it has passed through both stages of cyclone seperation. This improves flow efficency, preserving air pressure and maximizing suction.

Dyson Ball Animal has Dyson’s most advanced Radial Root Cylone™ technology. Dyson engineers have further refined the cyclone inlets and vortex fingers to generate more suction through the machine – to remove more dirt and dust from the home.
Automatic cleaner head adjustment means you don't have to bend down to adjust any fiddly dials.

Self-adjusting cleaner head automatically adjusts for carpets and hard floors.

Nylon bristles drive deep into the carpet thanks to our active base plate on the Dyson Ball Animal.

Self-adjusting cleaner head with a powerful motorized brush bar.

An active base plate automatically adjusts the cleaner head height to seal in suction across all floor types. This ensures that even the microscopic particles between floorboards are sucked up into the vacuum. The motorized brush bar with stiff nylon bristles drives deep into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt.
The Dyson Ball Animal works across all floors with no dials to adjust.

Better overall performance
than any other vacuum.

The Dyson Ball Animal has the highest geometric average when carpet, hard floor and creviced hard floor pick-up results are combined. Tested against the upright market, dust-loaded.
Easily steer the Dyson Ball Animal around corners

No more awkward moves – Dyson Ball Animal can be steered with a turn of the wrist for cleaning in difficult places.

The key components of the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball are housed inside the ball itself.

Ball™ technology – a dynamic turning circle.

Fixed wheels are not designed to turn corners. But a ball can turn on the spot. As the ball’s axis is tilted, its turning circle tightens - allowing full and accurate steering control.

The vacuum’s key components have been engineered to fit inside the ball itself. This gives the machine a streamlined profile, allowing access to tight spaces and lowering its center of gravity to make it lighter in the hand.
The hose, wand and crevice tool attachment on the Dyson Ball Animal extends to a combined 45 feet, meaning you can leave the machine at the bottom of the stairs and clean to the top without picking your vacuum up.

With a wand and hose that
release in one smooth action,
the Dyson Ball Animal is
easy to use for cleaning high
places and awkward gaps.
No need to carry cumbersome
machines up the stairs.

Twists into different positions and angles for easy high-reach cleaning.

For cleaning in high, hard to reach places.

Fine nylon bristles on the Multi-angle brush gently remove dust from areas that are awkward to clean and the rotating joints click-lock into different positions for rigidity at multiple angles.

Engineered and tested
to last 10 years.

We subject Dyson Ball Animal to 12,800
hours including 663 individual tests.

These include:

• 200 sideway slams into steel blocks
• 147,000 hose stretches
• 362 miles of carpet cleaning
• 7,342 careless drops
• 800 hours of non-stop pushing and pulling
• 10,000 cable tugs
• 20,000 button presses


5 star rated customer service.

5 star rated customer service.

Read what our customers are saying after their visit on Yelp.com

Review by Angela T. on 1/15/16

"The service here is definitely as amazing as everyone says. Our Dyson was clogged, so I brought it in Friday around lunch time. Not only did the guy clear it out in less than 5 minutes but he also showed me how to take it apart myself. I was in and out in 6 minutes. And he said it was free!”

Review by Meredith H. on 1/22/16

"I went to have my vacuum fixed today and it was a terrific experience. Dave the Manager helped me and couldn't have been more professional. It was perfect!! Dyson makes the best vacuum by far--and their service is a perfect match.
I would never buy anything other than a Dyson vacuum cleaner.”

All Dyson Ball vacuums have:

  • With hygienic bin emptying, captured dirt falls away from your hands.

    Hygienic Bin Emptying

    Quick single button cyclone release and bin empty. No need to touch the dirt.

  • Two extra tools on their ends facing upwards

    Extra tools

    All Dyson vacuums come with Dyson-engineered tools for cleaning hard to reach places around the home.

  • A collection of filters and other vacuum cleaner parts.

    No extra costs

    Dyson upright vacuums don’t use bags and have washable lifetime filters. There aren’t any extra costs.

  • 5 year warranty

    5 year warranty

    All Dyson upright and canister vacuums come with a 5 year warranty – parts and labor.

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