Dyson Link app Dyson Link gives you the ability to control, schedule and analyze data from your Dyson 360 Eye™ using a smart phone or tablet.

  • The Dyson Link app, for iOS and Android, has been developed by Dyson to enhance the user experience and functionality of the Dyson 360 Eye™. Registering Dyson 360 eye using Dyson Link activates the 2 year warranty - providing you with free, award-winning customer support from Dyson experts. Dyson Link also enables Dyson 360 Eye™ to automatically download the latest software, ensuring your machine is as up to date as the Dyson research lab.

    Dyson Link allows you to remotely connect to and control your Dyson 360 eye. The intuitive interface gives you the ability to start, pause and stop your Dyson 360 Eye™. Using the Dyson Link calender you can set up a one-off clean or a recurring cleaning schedule - ensuring Dyson 360 Eye™ stays on top of the cleaning so you don't have to. Dyson Link will alert you to any problems that occur with your Dyson 360 Eye™ and take you through a step-by-step support journey to resolve the problem. If you need to call our customer services team, Dyson Link allows them to see exactly what the problem is. The product support manual can also be viewed directly on your device using Dyson Link. Dyson Link is simple and free to download. Visit the App Store or Google Play and search for "Dyson Link".

    Standard data and messaging rates apply.