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Uneven room heating

Many conventional heateres can't heat a whole room evenly because they use spinning blades powered by inefficient motors to distribute the air.

Fastest even room heating

AM05 uses Air Multiplier™ technology to amplify surrounding air for long-range heat projection. The Dyson Hot+Cool™ is the fastest to heat the whole room.

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Some conventional fan heaters have fast-spinning blades and hot elements that have to be guarded by safety grilles. AM05 has no blades or visible heating elements. It cuts out automatically if tipped over.

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Precise control

Set your target room temperature to the degree when in heater mode. Airflow, oscillation and temperature can all be controlled using the remote control, which stores magnetically on the top of the machine when not in use.

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Energy efficient

Dyson AM05 costs up to 30% less to heat a room than conventional fan heaters.* Can lower energy bills by up to 20% when used with air conditioning.**

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Easy to clean

Because many conventional heaters have spinning blades, they also need safety grilles, which make them awkward to clean. AM05 has no grille, so it’s easy to clean.


The Dyson Hot+Cool™ fan heater range

Dyson AM05 amplifies surrounding air for long-range heat projection. The Dyson Hot+Cool™ fan heater is fastest to heat the whole room. In summer it provides high-velocity air to cool you. There are no fast-spinning blades or heating elements, so it’s safe and easy to clean.

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Includes Remote control

The Dyson Hot+Cool™ fan heater comes with a remote control unit. It's curved and magnetized to store neatly on top of the machine.

Image showing the AM05 Fan Heater range available on Dyson.com

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AM05 Fan Heater

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Dyson Hot+Cool™ fan heaters come in White/Silver and Iron/Blue. They provide fastest whole room heating in winter and high-velocity air to cool in summer.

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*Testing using test method DTM 961, based on IEC 60675.

**Assumes up to 6% savings in air conditioning costs for every degree Fahrenheit that thermostat is raised. (See U.S. EPA and D.O.E. Energy Savings Calculator). Also assumes elevated air speed may offset increase in air temperature by up to five degrees (See ASHRAE Standard 55-2004-Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy). Air multiplier must be used in conjunction with and in close proximity to air conditioning ventilation output in each room to recognize savings benefit. Actual savings may vary based on use and other factors.