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Winter Wellbeing with Dyson


With winter fast approaching, Dyson partned with experts across skin, hair, and sleep health, as well as Dyson Ambassadors, to bring you the tips and tricks that you'll need during these cold winter months.

Dyson Neuroscientist and Dr. Lisa Medalie discuss the impact of lighting on your sleep habits.

Dyson Neuroscientist Dr. Karen Dawe and Dr. Lisa Medalie of DrLullaby.

Lighting & Sleep

Dyson neuroscientist Karen Dawe partners with behavioral sleep specialist Lisa Medalie for a session on the topic of light and sleep. Karen provides an inside look at how light impacts us, showing how critical it is to have the right light for the right time of day. Lisa speaks extensively about how light therapy is used by her patients and reiterates the importance of light for balancing our circadian rhythms. Together the pair presents digestible, practical tips for attendees on using light in your daily routine and promoting healthy sleep habits.

Dyson Engineer and Shani Darden discuss skin health.

Dyson Engineer Jessica Le Dinh and Celebrity Esthetician Shani Darden.

Skin Health

Dyson engineer Jess Le Dinh is joined by esthetician Shani Darden to discuss skin health during the winter months. The two speak to the core "problems" of dry skin, pollution, and "mask-ne" and share more about the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool, Dyson's first triple function humidifier, purifier and fan.

Olivia Perez, Jawara, and Dyson Engineer speak on the topic of hair health.

Dyson Ambassador and Entrepreneur Olivia Perez, Dyson Global Styling Ambassador and Celebrity Hairstylist Jawara Wauchope, and Dyson Engineer Robyn Coutts.

Hair Health

Dyson Ambassador Olivia Perez, Dyson Global Styling Ambassador Jawara Wauchope, and Dyson Engineer Robyn Coutts round out the Winter Wellbeing event, speaking on the ever important topic of hair health. Amongst the many discussion topics, Jawara brings out how reducing hair damage is possible while still achieving the looks you want, it really comes down to the tools and routines you follow. While Dyson Engineer Robyn Coutts speaks to how Dyson re-engineered tools liks the hair dryer, styler, and straightener, by taking a hair health first approach in the development process. The trio take questions from the event's audience and share some quick and helpful tips to ensure your hair is healthy as ever this winter.

Dyson Ambassador Olivia Perez on Hair Health

When I was 23-years-old, my hair was falling out. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - a hormone disorder with a lovely side effect that makes your hair on your scalp thin out, overnight. My hair was brittle, breaking with a simple brush, and would barely grow past my shoulders. Naturally, I resorted to wearing extensions for a confidence boost, which take my advice - just makes things worse. Two years later, a very fun afternoon where I basically ripped my extensions out in a bid to go “all natural!!,” and some simple routine changes later, my hair has never been healthier.


For me, hair health begins in the shower. As someone with very fine hair which gets oily in an instant, I wash my hair every other day to allow some oils to build but not too much. For shampoo and conditioner, I switch off between Love Beauty and Planet, and fellow Dyson enthusiast Jen Atkin’s Ouai shampoo and conditioner. When I know my hair needs an extra boost, whether I’ve been styling it or the weathers changed, I use Olaplex bond strengthener once a week in the shower. After I’ve shampooed and used conditioner (just on the ends!), I brush and part my hair down the middle, and then never again once I’m out. Wet hair holds more tension and can cause damage easier while brushing. I never dry my hair in a towel. If you think a wrapped towel on your head gets heavy after a while, imagine how your hair feels. I only use the micro-fiber towels that don’t pull as hard on your hair. Aquis Hair has the best ones. And if you need to get excess water out, squeeze it instead into the towel instead of pulling at it. After about 15-20 minutes in the micro-fiber towel, my hair is damp and I dry it gently with the Dyson Airwrap, aka a gift from the heavens. Dyson products cap the heat at a certain temperature so that you’re not causing excess damage to your hair. It’s the first thing I pack anywhere I go. With six different styling options, I can casually blow dry my hair and give myself a real blowout all with one tool. Couldn’t co-sign it enough. As for my haircut, I try to get it dusted every 6 weeks just to get the dead ends off. Especially if you're trying to go for length, that’s what’s worked best for me. Also go for one length if you’re trying to go for thickness. Layers are great in theory but not if you’re trying to get your healthiest and thickest feeling hair. And as we all know, health starts from within, so make sure you're up on all your vitamins that allow your hair to naturally grow on its own. I use Vital Proteins Collagen Powder in my coffee every morning for that extra boost. 


I’m no hair pro! So from one hair novice to another, I hope these tips give you the best hair you’ve ever had, too!

Exercise Snacks with Joe Holder

Dyson Ambassador and Founder of the Ocho Systemᵀᴹ, Joe Holder is one of the hottest names in wellness and health. Joe's taken his own approach to designing wellness, all centered around designing a system around you that takes into account all parts of your wellbeing. Exercise Snacks (@exercise_snacks) is Joe's latest program, where he brings 'snackable' exercises to his followers, which are designed to help keep you active no matter what your situation. Joe has also partnered with Dyson on the Breathe Free project, which is aimed at bringing awareness to the troubling issue of air quality in cities around the US. Be on the lookout for more news about the Breathe Free project and Joe's work with Dyson in the months to come.


Check out Joe's latest Exercise Snack video, exclusively for attendees of Dyson's Winter Wellbeing event.

Dyson Ambassador Joe Holder speaks about air quality.

"Mom's" Flautas with Jeannette Ogden

Fellow Dyson Ambassador Jeannete Ogden (@shutthekaleup) has been providing her followers with real life content, advice, recipes, and stories for years. She continutes to stand out amongst a growing crowd of health and wellness influencers by keeping it real and standing behind brands she truly admires.

As a busy mom, Jeannette counts on Dyson products on a daily basis... From her son Elliott thinking its time for a blow-out with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer to her toddler Cole being mesmerized (like the rest of us) by Dyson's Pure Cool air purifying fans, and of course her husband AJ on vacuum duty. If you follow Jeannette, you'll know that she's always genuine with her followers and tries her best to give them only the best tips and tricks.Jeanette - like all of us - spends much of her time around the holidays cooking indoors and hosting family/friends around the kitchen and living room . So it's important to her that she keeps the air clean of pollutants and fresh for loved ones using her Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan. A keeps her cool while things heat up in the kitchen.

Today, Jeannette is sharing her mom's Flautas recipe, which has become a fan favorite of her followers and will surely become a winter go-to for you after watching.


@ShutTheKaleUp | STKU Blog

Jeannette Ogden (@shutthekaleup) creating her mom's flautas.

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