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University library

Dyson for education

Engineered to improve learning environments.

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From light levels to hygiene and air quality, every detail can affect students' well-being, ability to concentrate and overall study experience.

Washroom sink and Dyson Airblade V hand dryer

Hygienic hand drying that's better for the environment

Improve cleanliness and hygiene while reducing operating costs and carbon footprint.

Boston University

See how Dyson is enhancing the learning environment at Boston University

Workplace lighting

Efficient suspended lighting for learning and studying spaces.

The right light levels can aid task performance.¹ Efficient illumination and long-lasting brightness enable optimal lighting conditions with reduced running costs.

Dyson lighting on workspaces

Focused task lighting.

Students can create their preferred study space. CSYS™ task lights provide light precisely where it's needed, at the ideal brightness. Light isn't wasted, so energy is saved.

Dyson purifier on meeting table

Cleaner air for students and staff.

Research from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has shown that indoor environments can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Air Multiplier™ technology that purifies the air can enhance comfort for student working environment.

How to buy

Call us 855-720-6378
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Dyson lighting over a range of Dyson products

Dyson technology for business.

¹As per the Illuminating Engineering Society`s (IES) The Lighting Handbook Tenth Edition. Reference and Application, publisher: Illuminating Engineering; 10 edition (July 30, 2011)