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Boulter & P store frontage

Case study

Boulter & P Jewelry

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Annette Boulter and Geraldine Purves with Dyson lamp

The business.

Boulter & P is a contemporary London-based jewelry boutique in Hampstead. It is owned by two sisters, Annette Boulter and Geraldine Purves, who have been running a successful jewelry company, Toko Ltd., since 1984.

The problem.

Halogen lighting was used across all stores and posed several problems:

Poor quality light

Exhibiting the clarity and detail of the jewels requires bright, high quality light. "Our halogen lighting wasn't sufficiently bright, and the light quality wasn't white enough to show off jewellery products," says Geraldine.

Too hot

"Halogen bulbs need frequent replacing and aren't as energy efficient as LEDs. They were uneconomical and unreliable," says Geraldine.


While exhibiting and scrutinising the jewelry, salespeople and customers come into close contact with the display lights. Burns from the hot halogen bulbs were a worry.

Boulter & P jewellery under halogen light

The solution: CSYS™ task light

In their new Hampstead branch, Boulter & P are now using the CSYS™ task light for up-close exhibiting at a special display table.

Crisp, high quality light
Eight LEDs are housed in a conical reflector providing warm white light. "It's a magnificent way to show jewelry to the customer," says Geraldine. "The bright white light causes the jewelry to really sparkle."

Safe to touch
CSYS™ task lights use heat pipe technology which draws heat away from the LEDs, so they're safe to touch. Geraldine observes; "we can show customers individual pieces up close without fear of burning them!"

Long-lasting and energy efficient
CSYS™ task lights use heat pipe technology to direct heat away from their LEDs, sustaining brightness for up to 144,000 hours.¹

Designed for practicality
3 Axis Glide™ motion lets you position the light precisely where you need it. And touch-sensitive precision dimming remembers your ideal light level. "It's perfect for illuminating jewelry up-close, such as a ring on a finger or the cut of a stone," says Geraldine.

Boulter & P jewellery under Dyson LED

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How to buy

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¹Calculated lifetime based on LED L70.