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Cooling Fan Technology

Jet engine technology. Reduced turbulence.

Dyson cooling fan airflow schematic

Mixed flow impeller.

Using technologies found in turbochargers and jet engines, a mixed flow impeller draws air into the cooling fan. The eleven impeller fins are asymmetric, so each one harmonizes with the others, balancing the tone. And every one has a scalloped trailing edge, to reduce turbulence and further improve acoustics.

Dyson cooling fan cutaway
Dyson cooling fan cutaway

Airfoil-shaped ramp.

After the impeller builds air pressure, up to 10 gallons of air per second is forced up into the eccentrically aligned loop. It’s then accelerated over an airfoil-shaped ramp, which harnesses the Coanda effect to manipulate the powerful flow of air. Airflow clings to the ramp, which is angled at precisely 16° – channeling its direction for optimum personal cooling.

Air Multiplier™ cooling fan technology airflow schematic

Inducement and entrainment.

Air Multiplier™ cooling fan technology exploits the Bernoulli principle, which creates an area of low pressure. This induces air behind the fan, while surrounding air follows the airflow in a process known as entrainment – amplifying the initial airflow by as much as 15 times.

Dyson cooling fan noise dissipation animation
Dyson cooling fan noise dissipation animation

Helmholtz cavity.

The acoustically engineered cooling fan motor bucket houses a Helmholtz cavity. When sound waves enter the cavity, the pressure fluctuation within the chamber reflects them back. The waves are bounced within the cavity, dissipating sounds in the range of 1,000 Hertz – similar to the tone produced by a mosquito’s beating wing. This improves the tonal quality of the machine.

Less energy, less noise.

Dyson Cool™ 10 inch desk fan (Black/Nickel)

Overall rating

97% of reviewers would recommend to a friend.

Excellent Fan


At first I was not sure I wanted to spend that much on a fan, but after turning it on, it was worth every penny. Very quiet, and powerful, and does not take up much room. Thank you Dyson.

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