Rides on a ball. No loss of suction.

Dyson DC40 Origin is a lightweight Dyson Ball™ with patented Dyson cyclone technology, which captures more dust than any other cyclone. With Radial Root Cyclone™ technology, the airways have been remodelled to maximize suction power. It generates high suction power at the cleaner head, which automatically self-adjusts for different carpet types and hard floors.

DC40 Origin
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DC40 Ball engineering

Ball engineering

In the latest Dyson Ball™ vacuum, the motor, power cable and air ducts are all housed in the ball itself. It makes the machine easier to steer along edges and into difficult places. The center of gravity is also lower – giving greater stability.

DC40 Origin features

  • Radial Root Cyclone™ technology
  • Ball™ technology
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head
  • Lightweight and durable
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