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strong suction and
no filters to wash.

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Clogged filters kill suction.
See why.

All other vacuums lose suction

Bagged vacuums lose suction because the bags’
pores clog, blocking airflow.

Most bagless vacuums use inefficient cyclones
to separate dirt and dust from the air. Dust that
isn’t captured passes onto the filter – clogging it.

To prevent loss of suction, you need to regularly
wash or replace the filter.

By capturing the dust that clogs all others,
only Dyson Cinetic™ science doesn’t lose suction.

Other manufacturers base their ‘No Loss of Suction’ claims on a 15-year-old industry test. But this test can be completed before a vacuum’s bin is even full. Dyson engineers didn’t think this was enough. So, when testing Dyson Cinetic™ vacuums, they repeated this
test hundreds of times consecutively – using an equivalent of 10 years’ worth of dust.
Even when the filters of conventional vacuums are washed, suction never fully recovers.

Dyson Cinetic™ science
is so efficient that there
are no dirty filters to
wash or replace.

Dyson Cinetic™ tips oscillate at up to 5000Hz.

This continuous movement prevents microscopic dust from building up and blocking the airflow. Because of these tips, dust separation is so efficient that there's no need for a pre-motor filter. So Dyson Cinetic™ science doesn't lose suction.

Engineered to follow with greater control.

The Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum turns on the spot and follows effortlessly around the home, without the awkward moves.

Ball technology™ –
low center of gravity
and central steering.

All of the vacuum's key components are housed within the ball itself, including the electronics, the motor, the post-motor filter and up to 21 ft of power cable. This creates a low center of gravity and provides stability. Dyson Cinetic™ canister vacuums have a central steering mechanism,
so they follow accurately as you pull them along.

Removes dirt and dust
from every floor type.

The Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum's turbine head has stiff nylon bristles to remove ground-in dirt from carpet, and soft carbon fiber filaments to gently remove dust from hard floors. There's no need to adjust anything when moving from one floor to another.

The latest turbine head with
carbon fiber filaments.

The brush bars of most vacuums only contain
nylon bristles. While these loosen dirt from
carpets, they're less effective on hard floors
where fine dust can be left behind.

Dyson brush bars are different. They have a
row of anti-static carbon fiber filaments, as well
as nylon bristles. The filaments prevent the
build up of static charge that holds dust to the
floor, allowing it to be sucked up into the vacuum.

Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball went through an independent program of rigorous tests, meeting – and exceeding the strict criteria.

All Dyson Cinetic™ vacuums have:

  • DC39 hygienic bin emptying

    Hygienic bin emptying

    Just push the button to release the dirt.

  • Graphic displaying Dyson bin capacity

    A large bin capacity

    Dyson Cinetic™ Animal has a large bin – so you don’t have to empty it as often.

  • Graphic of a chord and vacuum cleaner hose

    Long reach

    The Dyson Cinetic Animal's cable, hose and wand provide a total reach of 33 feet.

  • Extra tools

    Extra tools

    All Dyson vacuums come with Dyson-engineered tools for cleaning hard to reach places around the home.

  • DC54 hygienic bin emptying

    No extra costs

    Dyson Cinetic™ vacuums don’t use bags and have no filters to maintain, so there aren't any extra costs.

  • 5 year warranty

    5 year warranty

    All Dyson upright and canister vacuums come with a 5 year warranty – parts and labor.

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The only vacuum with strong suction
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The only vacuum with strong suction
and no filters to wash.

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