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DC47 Two Tier Cyclone

Two tiers of cyclones capture more microscopic dust.

DC47 Compact and light to pull.

Compact – and light to pull

Dyson Ball Compact Animal has been engineered so that it’s light to pull across different floor surfaces. And it’s compact, so it can be stored in small spaces.

Captures even more microscopic dust

With two tiers of smaller cyclones, Dyson Ball Compact Animal captures more microscopic dust in the bin.

DC47 2 tier radial cyclones

2 Tier Radial™ cyclones

Smaller cyclones generate higher centrifugal forces, so they capture more microscopic dust – the dust that contains allergens and bacteria.
In Dyson Ball Compact Animal, 32 cyclones work in parallel across two tiers, creating both high centrifugal forces and high airflow. With gravimetric efficiencies of over 99%, they capture more microscopic dust than any other cyclones.

Dyson Ball Compact Animal Cleanerhead

High dirt removal across all floor types

The brush bar in Dyson Ball Compact Animal floor tool has stiff nylon bristles to remove ground-in dirt from carpets – but it also has carbon fiber filaments that gently remove fine dust from hard floors.

Dyson Ball Compact Animal Follows smoothly

Built around a ball – light to pull, follows obediently

No awkward moves – Dyson Ball Compact Animal follows you effortlessly around the home.

Ball™ technology – low centre of gravity and central steering

All of the vacuum's key components are housed within the ball itself, including the electronics, the motor, the pre-motor filter and up to 21 feet of power cable. This creates a low center of gravity and provides stability. Dyson Ball™ cylinder vacuums are also the only cylinder machines to have a central steering mechanism, so they follow you accurately as you pull them along.

All DC47 vacuums have:

  • DC47 Hygienic bin emptying

    Hygienic bin emptying

    Just push the button to release the dirt.

  • Extra tools

    Extra tools

    All Dyson vacuums come with Dyson-engineered tools for cleaning hard to reach places around the home.

  • A collection of filters and other vacuum cleaner parts.

    No extra costs

    Dyson canister vacuums don’t use bags and have washable lifetime filters. There aren’t any extra costs.

  • 5 year warranty

    5 year warranty

    All Dyson upright and canister vacuums come with a 5 year warranty – parts and labor.

Dyson Ball Compact Animal vacuum cleaner

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Two tiers of cyclones capture more microscopic dust.


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