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Check the brushbar

Turn power off and unplug the machine.

Step 1 - Removing the cleaner head

  • Lay the machine on its back.
  • Pull the red release catch away from the cleaner head and remove the cleaner head as shown below.

diagram showing how to remove the cleanerhead

Step 2 - Opening the soleplate

  • Place the cleaner head on a flat surface, brush side down.
  • Pivot the two red levers up and out towards the end of the cleaner head until they click.
  • Hinge the soleplate open.

diagram showing how to open the soleplate

Step 3 - Clearing the brushbar

NB: Beware of sharp objects when clearing obstructions.

  • Clear any hair or debris from the brushbar and cleaner head.

diagram showing how to clear the brushbar

Step 4 - Refitting the soleplate and cleaner head

  • Hinge the soleplate closed and pivot both levers back into position so they are flush with the surface of the cleaner head.
  • Fit the cleaner head back onto the connections as shown below.
  • Push firmly until the cleaner head clicks into place and the red latch engages.

diagram showing how to refit the soleplate and cleanerhead