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Quick start guide step by step

Step 1 - Assembling the machine.

  • Lay the machine on its back and fit the cleaner head onto the connections as shown below.
  • Push firmly until the cleaner head clicks into place and the red latch engages.

diagram showing how to fit the cleaner head

  • Stand the machine upright.
  • Push the wand and handle assembly into the top of the hose until it 'clicks'.
  • Press the red wand release button and push the wand fully into the hose.
  • Place the wand and handle assembly into the grooves on the top of the duct as shown below.
  • Press the red handle release button and push the wand and handle assembly down fully.

diagram showing how to fit the wand and hose

  • To fit the tool holder, first remove the cyclone and clear bin assembly.
  • Slide the tool holder onto the back of the machine, just above the ball, as shown below.
  • Press the tool holder on with your thumbs, while holding the front of the machine with your fingers.  The fitting is tight, so use a constant, firm pressure.
  • Refit the cyclone and clear bin unit.
  • Attach the tools.

diagram showing how to fit the tool clip and tools

NB: The tool holder is not designed to be removed once fitted.

Step 2 - Start vacuuming.

  • Ensure the handle is fully extended and locked into place
  • Plug the machine in.
  • Recline the machine into the vacuuming position.
  • Ensure the stabilizing wheels are fully retracted.
  • Press the ON/OFF switch.

Step 3 - Vacuuming on different floor types.

  • The brushbar will start automatically once the machine is switched on and lowered into the vacuuming position.
  • The brushbar will not rotate when the machine is in the upright position.
  • The cleaner head adjusts automatically to all floor types, and the brush bar contains carbon fibre filaments for removing fine dust from hard floors.
  • Press the brush control button located next to the ON/OFF switch to turn the brushbar off for vacuuming delicate rugs and floors.
  • Press the button again to restart the brushbar.
  • Some carpet manufacturers do not recommend using a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brushbar. Please refer to the carpet manufacturer but if you are unsure, we recommend vacuuming with the brushbar switched off.

diagram showing use on different floor types

Step 4 - Using the accessory tools.

  • Attach either the combination tool or the stair tool to the wand or hose as shown.

diagram showing how to use the accessory tools

Step 5 - Emptying the clear bin.

  • To ensure your machine continues to clean effectively, the clear bin must be emptied as soon as the dust reaches the max mark.
  • Remove the bin assembly by pressing the catch on top of the carry handle.
  • To empty the bin press the catch on top of the carry handle again to release dust directly into a dustbin.
  • Shake or tap firmly to remove all dust from inside the fine dust collector.
  • Press firmly on the centre of the clear bin base to close.

diagram showing how to empty the clear bin