DC44 Animal Total Clean
DC44 Animal Total Clean image

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The Dyson Helpline is available during the following times (CST):

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  • 1-866-MY-DYSON
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Step by step guide

Charge the machine.

  • Plug the charger into the battery or place the machine in the dock as shown below.

diagram showing charger being plugged in
  • Plug the charger into a wall socket.
  • The battery should be fully charged after 5.5 hours

Assemble the machine.

  • Attach the wand to the main body of the machine.
  • Attach the motorised floor tool to the end of the wand.

Using the machine.

  • Your Dyson handheld is designed to give constant suction. Unlike other handhelds, when fully charged the DC44 will give between 8 to 20 minutes of powerful constant suction depending on the power mode and tool selected.

Using the accessories

  • Slide the crevice tool into the inlet pipe on the bin assembly until it "clicks" into position.
diagram showing how to use the crevice tool

Combination tool

  • The brush must be positioned at the back of the combination tool to use the crevice function.
  • To use the brush function press the button on the brush section.
  • Slide the brush section towards the front of the combination tool.
diagram showing how to use the combination tool

Emptying the bin.

  • To ensure your machine continues to clean effectively, the clear bin must be emptied as soon as the dust reaches the max mark.
diagram showing when to empty bin
  • Push the button on the main body of the machine downwards to release dust directly into a dustbin.
  • Shake or tap firmly to remove all dust from inside the fine dust collector.
diagram showing how to empty  the bin
  • Press firmly underneath the catch to close the clear bin base.
diagram showing how to close the bin