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Removing blockages from the brushbar and cleanerhead step by step guide

Turn power off and unplug the machine.

Step 1 - Removing the red 'C' clip

  • Lie the machine on its front.
  • Detach the red 'C' clip which is located at the connection between the cleanerhead and the main body.
  • Once the red 'C' clip has been removed, pull the cleanerhead away from the main body using a constant, firm pressure.

Note: Do not pull the red 'C' clip off roughly. Use a constant, firm pressure to remove.

 Step 2 - Removing and clearing the soleplate

  • On the cleanerhead there are two dials: turn each one a quarter-turn counter-clockwise until it clicks.
  • Turn the cleanerhead over so you can see the soleplate.
  • Remove the soleplate and clear any hair or debris from around the brush bar



Step 3 - Checking for blockages

  • Check the cleanerhead channel for blockages.
  • Check the lower duct for blockages.

diagram showing how to check the cleanerhead debris channel and the lower duct channel


Step 4 - Refitting the soleplate

  • To refit the soleplate locate the 3 lugs on the lower edge of the soleplate.
  • Align the 3 lugs on the soleplate with the 3 slots in the base of the cleaner head.
  • Pivot the soleplate, returning it to its original position until it clicks into place.
  • To secure the soleplate press down and secure the dials on the top of the cleanerhead by turning them clockwise until they click.


diagram showing the location of the lugs on the soleplate and how to align the soleplate and cleanerhead

Step 5 - Replacing the cleanerhead

  • Refit the red 'C' clip back onto the cleanerhead making sure the flat edge fits against the cleanerhead.
  • Lie the machine on its back.
  • Attach the cleanerhead by aligning the connection plug pins on the cleanerhead with the twin-block connection slots available directly above the airway on the ball.diagram showing how to replace the red 'C' clip and reclining the machine


  • Push firmly until the cleanerhead clicks into place.
  • Test the machine


diagram showing how to refit the cleanerhead


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